WL//WH New Music: ESCARLATINA OBSESSIVA “Salome” (Official Video)


The mystical town of São Thomé das Letras in South-Eastern Brazil spawns the Goth Post-Punk duo Karolina Escarlatina (vocals and bass) and Zaf (guitar, keyboards and drum machine) under the long-established moniker Escarlatina Obsessiva, as the band drop a stunning DIY music video for the dark and cinematic latest single “Salomè”, combining relentless hypnotic tribal rhythms and piercing effect-laden guitar melodies with obsessional magnetic vocalizations and haunting basslines, taken from their much-anticipated forthcoming 8th album “Goth from Hell.”

Ah! thou wouldst not suffer me to kiss thy mouth, Iokanaan. Well! I will kiss it now. I will bite it with my teeth as one bites a ripe fruit. Yes, I will kiss thy mouth, Iokanaan. I said it; did I not say it? I said it. Ah! I will kiss it now . . . . But wherefore dost thou not look at me, Iokanaan? Thine eyes that were so terrible, so full of rage and scorn, are shut now. Wherefore are they shut? Open thine eyes! Lift up thine eyelids, Iokanaan! Wherefore dost thou not look at me? Art thou afraid of me, Iokanaan, that thou wilt not look at me?<span class="su-quote-cite">Oscar Wilde</span>

The spectacular video perfectly captures the essence of Oscar Wilde’s lyrics to depict the misunderstood hatred, curiosity, and dominance asserted by Salome over John the Baptist during the dance of the seven veils. Surreal shadows, hypnotic dance sequences, and rich jewel tones cast mystery and danger over exotic timepiece costumes, soul-stirring props, and intense dramatic performances to take the viewer back to a time where wealth, power, and selfishness corrupted the elite rulers whilst manipulating the minds of many with a veil of deception.

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