WL//WH New Music: ENZO KREFT “Blood Diamonds”

New Music  Enzo Kreft

Eric Vandamme AKA Enzo Kreft is a veteran Mechelen-based Belgian Dark Electro Wave artist who uses his DIY music platform to shine a light on some of the shady agendas being deployed by nefarious global systems against the common good. 

In the Official Music Video for the third official track off the anticipated eighth full-length album “Shelter”, EK blends ominous backdrops with universal symbols and a dramatic delivery to explore “Blood Diamonds”, a currency used to fund terrorism, war, and organized crime.

Cinematic synthetic auras drive a mechanical chugging bass line and steam-powered beats through a cave of dizzying, mesmeric synth swirls and icy crystalline sparks to create an imaginative, clanking mine and chisel realm for EZ’s signature angsty robotic vocalism, dropping dirty lyrical truths about the bloody consequences behind buying one of the Earth’s most beautiful and coveted natural resources.

Evocative DIY visuals build depth-defying 32GB sets around a sunglasses-clad businessman who delivers a disturbing message about power, greed, and corruption. An immersive blend of symbolic overlays, sci-fi conflicts, and suggestive violence stirs the mind’s eye of misguided romantic tokens with distress and shame, begging the viewer to think twice before participating in the diabolical diamond trade.

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