WL//WH New Music: ELLIS·D teases the upcoming EP with the flamboyant new single “I Am Here”

 WL//WH New Music  ELLiS·D

Brighton, UK-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer, ELLiS·D, best known as the manic drummer from Garage-Psych outfit Strange Cases and more recently Jealous Nostril (alongside Johnny Borell of Razorlight and Jack Flanagan of Mystery Jets), began his one-man show in 2021, leaping viciously between Psychedelic Jangle, Disco-infused Kraut Rock and taut Post-punk attack, as well as twisting between modern and vintage sensibilities with a flamboyant flair, while, lyric-wise, driving at the heart of today’s doom-laden culture on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

The electrifying British artist has announced the October release of his new 7-track EP “Hullo, Reality!”, recorded in six days at Hackney Road Studios with producer Shuta Shinoda (Hot Chip, Jenny Beth), alongside a UK tour, with a blistering new Art-Rock single, titled “I Am Here”, releasing today August 15th via fellow independent label Crafting Room Recordings, accompanied by a DIY black-and-white lyric video.

Photo: Hector O’Donnell (@hectorodonnellphotography)

“I Am Here” is ELLiS·D at his most creatively articulate, deftly combining contemporary Krautrock and New Wave-driven hooks with a lyrical exploration into existential absurdity in such an overwhelming era. The drummer-turned-frontman’s vocals quiver with an impassioned vulnerability, straddling the line between exuberance and timidity in a way that echoes our constantly shifting visions of reality.

Simple yet stirringly immersive monochromatic visuals overlay the vulnerable, sad yet expressionless face of Ellis D with feather-light shapeshifting facial angles, whilst churning layers of restless rambling and twinkling, somberly emotional guitar melodies, buzzing swarms of fuzzed-out distortion, and warm haunted shivering keyboard glows, underpinned by pulsing organic bass lines and skipping drum beats, expand into endless entanglements of alienation around breathless, aching vocals, calling out into the universe for a modicum of compassion and truth.

Ellis·D‘s forthcoming 7-track EP, “Hullo, Reality!”, is slated for release on Limited Edition 12″ ‘Flame Red’ Vinyl, via Crafting Room Recordings, on pre-order on the label’s Bandcamp.

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