WL//WH New Music: DAGEIST “The Abyss of Years” feat. Philippe LOMPREZ

WL//WH NEW MUSIC   DAGEIST feat. Philippe Lomprez

Against all odds, the veteran Lille, North of France‘s Dark Wave/Coldwave duo Dageist, made of David Schiavoni (vocals) and Frédéric Strzelczyk (bass, guitar), are back on track with a new single, “The Abyss of Years”, featuring Philippe Lomprez, the frontman of ’80s Coldwave legends Trisomie 21, accompanied by a gripping video clip directed by Christophe Bonamis.

A kinetic, Industrial tinged reverb-laden undertow of clashing, hard-hitting drum beats, undulating bass line flickers, and warped poignant key melodies drive atmospheric, emotional vocal magnetism through a swirling tunnel of sinister searing effects, hollow drops, and expanding mesmerism.

Cinematic visuals, by Christophe Bonamis, build a dark fantasy using esoteric symbols, gritty urban backdrops, and edgy fashions to sync seamlessly with the forbidden desires of the soundtrack. A thought-provoking daydream of model-esque poses, spotlight dance sequences, shadowy introspections, and sinister time-lapsed transformations engage the viewer in an eerie underground realm of mystery and danger.

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