WL//WH New Music: CRYSTAL CANYONS “Anomaly”

New Music Crystal Canyon

Portland, Maine based 4-piece Crystal Canyon, comprised of Lynda Mandolyn (guitar, vox) Todd Hutchisen (guitars, synth, vox), Jeremy Smith (bass, synth) and Hayes Porterfield (drums), continue further in the expansion and rarefaction of their atmospheric dream gaze sound, increasingly less abrasive, yet more mellifluous and enveloping, with the release of an aural video for the New Age-esque bliss pop third single “Anomaly”, off the upcoming 8-track sophomore album “Yours with Affection and Sorrow”, due out on January 29, 2021, ltd. vinyl 12″ & Digital, via Repeating Cloud.

An ambient orchestration of airy, swirling bass tones and bright liquid synthsations rush rousingly around the poignant prickle of glistening guitar strings and light metronomic crests, to merge with celestial, atmospheric female vocals, breathtaking release of elliptical euphoria.

Awe-struck lyrics paint a beautiful landscape with natural elements to explain the serenity and joy of becoming one with the universe.

Serge Vladimiroff directs shadows to dance flame-like within cloudy, heat-seeking auras eclipsing an emotional, psychedelic performance dawning a surgical mask and downtrodden eyes, to smoulder through timeless dimensions with a flickering figures’ shapeshifting hypnosis.

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Photos and design by: Serge Vladimiroff