French Shoegaze trio from Bordeaux, Cosmopaark, made up of Clément Pelo (vocals, guitar), Baptiste Sauvion (drums, percussion), and Wanda Meha (bass, synth, vocals), after the 2023 acclaimed debut album, “And I Can’t Breathe Enough” (Howlin’ Banana Records, Flippin’ Freak Records, Stellar Frequencies), are all set to confirm themselves in the current year with the psychedelic-inflected new single, “Pure Intention”, via Howlin’ Banana Records, paired with a DIY video directed by frontman Clément Pelo himself.

“Pure Intention” talks about resilience, acknowledging that sometimes it’s not possible to find a satisfying solution and that accepting things as they are can sometimes be the most liberating path. The track starts off poppy with a shy verse followed by a catchy and ulta-soaring chorus, ending with a dreamy crescendo where multiple sonic elements blur the landscape. It is a strong piece with influences that oscillate between Ulrika Spacek and DIIV.

The nostalgic, erratic, and liberating track weaves obsessive subtly ringing guitar scrapes, interspersed by sudden fuzz-drenched loud bursts and obsessive slightly abrasive blurry swells, to wander and sway, underpinned by tight steady rhythms, with hopelessly introspective insistent vibrancy, between desolate minimal support and clattering disruptive frequencies, around seemingly carefree yet sadly angst-ridden vocals, delivering the lost and confused sentiments, ‘There is no solution.’

‘Directed by Cosmopaark’s singer and guitarist Clément Pelo, the video follows the three band members in a nocturnal setting, providing an opportunity to revisit childhood in a playground or to have fun with a floral shopping cart. Analog colours, slow motion, fisheye lens- all combine within the span of a night to convey the message.’ Reflective and surreal visuals set the trio against an array of sentimental neighbourhood backdrops from a playground, to rainy city streets, and finally, a sprawling electric valley to sync with the helpless nostalgia of the soundtrack.

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photo by (c) Coraline Wang Chang


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