WL//WH New Music: CINEMA ENGINES “The Old House”

New Music  Cinema Engines

Cinema Engines is the Indiepop band created by Münster, Germany-based ‘Pop Music lovers’ Sebastian Voss (guitars, bass, keys) and Nero Bates (vocals, guitar).  The duo join forces with fellow The Fisherman and His Soul mate André Kleine- Wilke (drums) for the latest nostalgic video/single “The Old House” via Bureau Platiruma!!!

And all of a sudden you’re a landlord. You are a baby boomer and come from the village you left many years ago. Your parents still lived there and have since passed away. Now you have inherited your parents’ house, but you are selling it with a heavy heart. The house has been cleared out and will soon have a new owner. “That’s the story behind “The Old House”, located somewhere in the Westerwald. Goodbye Old House”

Winsome and sentimental, “The Old House” places an aura of cool celestial glows around sparkling, dreamy, and jangly guitars as they gently weave an array of immersive bittersweet feelings into warm humming bass pulses, light tapping drum beats, and low blurry wistful keyed melodies whilst deeply felt, tender vocals remember and let go.

Soul-stirring, thought provoking, and tear-jerking all at the same time, “The Old House” video clip, directed and cut by André Enielk-ekliw, becomes a large projector screen for vintage home movies, where childhood memories of lost loved ones remind us how we formed our sense of self long ago.

The flip, “The Big Picture”, rife with more energetic and taut early The Jasmine Minks-style guitar riffs and a swirling soulful Hammond organ ala Booker T. & The MGs’, completes a brilliant 2-tracker of eclectic Guiar Pop absolutely worthy of every attention.

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