WL//WH New Music: CHEMICAL CLUB “Drunk In The Dark”


As it’s easy to understand Truth or ConsequencesNew Mexico duo Chemical Club is one of our favorite bedroom pop crafters, recently based in a lakefront cottage in Quebec, the pair continue to delight us, lastly with a narcoleptic DIY video for the brooding and lonesome synth-tinged guitar-pop single “Drunk In The Dark,” mixing emotional restlessness and lo-fi flair with modern dystopic alienation.

Hopeless, obsessive guitar melodies prick energetic bassline throbs with abrasive pain, while steady rapid drum beats and subtle glowing synth swathes neutralize and sway the anxious tension, subtly sustained by subdued piercing riffs, around angsty, melancholic male vocals, longing for love amid numb, disconnected despair.

Nocturnal video blurs flashing red and blue auras into a subconscious breeding ground for distorted emotions, using subliminal billboards to embed ulterior meanings. A journey across hypnotic skylines transforms organic essence into a narcotic swim through a sea of lies where universal symbols scroll anxiously into an intoxicating flow of oppression. Chain-smoking waves of industrial sunrise search through open doorways of isolation, moving linear thought into unformed figures while twilight raindrops dilate reflections into grandiose dreams. Paintbrush strokes swirl through dark energy fields at mind-altering speeds set ablaze by multi-dimensional dance grooves to fast forward time through a system of underground tunnels, leaving modern dystopic deception unseen.

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