WL//WH New Music: BROMIDE “Magic Coins”

New Music Bromide

photo by Simon Berridge

London’s indie alternative rock outfit Bromide has announced their new single “Magic Coins” on April 26 via DIY record label Scratchy Records. The single follows the album “I Woke Up”, and it includes one more track from it on the b-side (“Always Now”) with both songs precisely defining the band’s sonic dna. Bromide plays alternative rock music blended by some noise pop “ingredients” that are shaping it all into the acknowledged British indie style, and plans also include a 7″ on limited edition vinyl.

“Magic Coins” is an unexpected rhythm track that is seemingly drum and bass-inspired, written collectively by all three band members. Producer Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine) recorded, mixed and produced these tracks at Bark Studios in London. Seamlessly welding their pop onto their rock, together they achieved Bromide‘s sublime indie rock sound. The band is a total groovy outfit with the ability to create rock music that it appears fresh and dancing with both these songs having the potential to stand alone as individual maxis. Actually, their whole latest album sounds like a collection of maxis though these 11 songs are prototype tracks and never appeared anywhere else before.

Doesn’t all this seem like our guests today are obviously talented, and a really good indie band? They are indeed! And the official video of Magic Coins is an entertaining must-watch too, or does it also state Bromide‘s doubts and alerts? Let’s watch!

An here is the whole “I Woke Up” LP.

Written by Loud Cities Mike

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photo by Nicholas J. Thompson