WL//WH New Music: AUGUST ANGST “Sleep” (Single)

 WL//WH New Music   AUGUST ANGST   

Created on 1/1/2022 as a rebirth out of Toulouse, South of France Darkwave one-man band August Angst blends melancholic melodies with cathartic elements tinged in Industrial, Trance, EBM, and Techno, to compose a surreal soundscape of haunted memories dwelling on the cusp of sanity, swept by deceptive shadows, sunless winds, and song-less birds to invoke an unending pain, infinite sadness, and seemingly guideless search out of the lost world of “Sleep”, the title of August Angst‘s freshly released debut single.

Boreal, dark, and ominous vibrations expand hypnotically under heart skipping thumping percussive patterns, edgy lashing snares, anxiety-fueled vocals, and obsessive, twinkling, and droning frequencies to draw shifting tones from an undercurrent of sad, melancholic synth swathes, flourishing weakly, behind the scenes of swirling mesmeric mists rising and falling with cold comfort into a distorted nether region of “Sleep.”

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Photo by Sebastien Duranton