WL//WH New Music: ASBEST “Hubris” (Official Video)

New Music ASBEST

Basel, Switzerland Noise Rock/Post-punk trio Robyn Trachsel (vocals, guitar), Judith Breitinger (vocals, bass), and Jonas Häne (drums) AKA Asbest mix guitar-driven Sonic Youth’s smoldering dissonance and Metz’s swarming energy into the soul-stirring new single “Hubris” off the forthcoming sophomore album “Cyanide,” due out on March 24, 2023, via A Tree In A Field Records / Czar of Crickets, accompanied by a symbolic video directed by Judith Breitinger.

Where does hyper-individualism lead that has everybody chase their 15 minutes of fame? When everybody is special, no one is special. The privileged callousness paving the way to this conclusion is harrowing.

Observational lyrics rely on modern human’s greed, ignorance, and privilege to paint a dire portrait of the hyper-individualized search for fame.

Noisy, angry, abrasive textures trigger jarring, ringing guitar riffs, stumbling drum beats, and hard humming bass lines to surround raw caustic unforgiving shouts with angst and obsession, whilst a disenchanted aggression falls desperately downward into slow simmering wiggles of distorted edgy moods.

A disruptive visual barrage assaults the mind’s eye of complicit inactivity with spectacular terror. Imaginative black and white visuals by Judith Breitinger, use hand-made puppet head manipulations, social unrest visions, and disastrous environmental impact footage to reflect on the current state of world affairs. Pre-programmed ideas of upper-crust decadence and generic identities inject an endless flow of mindless desire into the hearts of the masses to contort ego-driven madness into destructive monochromatic dreams.

ASBEST are currently on French Tour with Unsane, check out the last three dates:
05.11.2022 – FR – Pau – La Ferronerie
06.11.2022 – FR – Montpellier – The Rock Store
07.11.2022 – FR – Décines – Warmaudio11.2

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