NEW MUSIC Animal Ghosts | Japanese Heart Software

Increasingly meticulous purveyor of fuzzy, haunted Shoegaze music and aesthetics from his Portland, OR-based bedroom since 2019, over a fair string of self-released 4th albums and a couple of EPs, curiously all with short word titles starting with “W”, albeit just to prove me wrong the next LP will be named “Swell”, musician and composer Cliff Barnes under the alias Animal Ghosts teams up again with Melbourne-based dreamy/synthy pop deli Nat Chippy AKA Japanese Heart Software, somehow returning the favor of the former, guest, as a vocalist, on her exquisite 2022 debut full-length, for the new single “Everything”, paired with ‘vintage home movie’ visuals. 

Upcoming LP artwork

A rush of fuzzed-out, restless, and chilly guitar swarms, underlied by shuffling drum beats and warm humming basslines, sway between grungy claustrophobic distortions and expansive invigorating droning tones, to draw abrasive ringing mists over ghostly vocal dreaminess, drifting mercurially into a heady immersion of agony and ecstasy.

DIY visuals capture a fuzzy mirage of childhood visions to pull the viewer back in time, to the 1970s, where memorable retro styles, long-lost family members, and high-energy hangouts elicit the angsty nostalgic flow of the moody soundtrack.

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Photo by Christy Andersonn