WL//WH New Music: ALIENBABY COLLECTIVE “Degenerate Moon”

New Music Alienbaby Collective

Alienbaby Collective photo by Kasper Vogelzang

Alienbaby Collective is the solo project of Liú Mottes, previously guitarist in both Blue Crime and New YX and also currently playing with SOON, Slow Worries and OBOL LE.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this noise rocker presents ‘Degenerate Moon’, which is the first taste of the forthcoming double EP ‘F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L’, slated for release on March 27 on 12″ vinyl and digitally via British label Humm Recordings. All songs are written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Liú Mottes, while James Ferguson (owner of the label and member of the experimental ambient drone outfit Broads) is on the additional mixing and the mastering.

Here we have a pretty nice and fresh blend of noise rock with some post-punk flashes and it is all filtered by the indie rock channel. ‘Degenerate Moon’ is a groovy track with a very clever arrangement which is also indicating the artist’s keen on the experimental/ shoegaze techniques. It is all about how a nice and catchy guitar riff alone may progress and advance into a complete song with surprises that are ending up to a pretty nice sonic-design. Check it out and I have a few more hints after that!

When playing live, Alienbaby Collective tries to communicate by moving in and out of songs and noise improvisations with short guitar loops and distorted vocal textures. This kind of operation is also imprinted on the recordings of this double-EP and believe me, all music in there is an ensemble of surprises and it is a record that will attract a lot of people. Liú Mottes is a pretty skilled sonic-crafter and a musician with a lot of nice ideas in her mind!

Alienbaby Collective photo by Alicia Breton Ferrer

As of February 7, ‘Degenerate Moon’ will be available digitally across streaming platforms. The full ‘F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L’ double EP will be released on March 6 on vinyl and digitally. Both versions can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

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Written by Loud Cities Mike