WL//WH New Music: 55CASTLES feat. STUNNY “Bound” (Official Video)

WL//WH New Music 55CASTLES 

Oakland, California-based Punk-fueled Neo-Goth duo, 55CASTLES, follow this year’s 6-track “DEMO” EP and the debut single “House of Cards” with an Official Video for their sophomore offering, “Bound”, featuring Stunny.

A hauntingly immersive and dizzying whirlwind of mechanical stomping beats, sparse clattering percussive hits, droning basslines, agonizing blazing guitar riffs, and eerie dazzling icy synth spirals, set the stage for an unexpected vocal duel, deploying the heavy baritone oppression of devilish spellcaster 55Castles, against the emotional spoken word fears of Stunny, cleansed midway by a waterfall, to fall, ‘Bound’ into the darkness.

The visuals capture a manic walk through a multi-dimensional realm of ghostly encounters where obsessive, hypnotic repetitions turn to blurry racing thoughts and surreal transformative overlays to sync seamlessly with the metaphysical theme of the soundtrack.

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