WL//WH: Modern Dystopic Madness VIDEOS 2022


Though technically a dystopia is a work of fiction, like some of the best old stories, dwelling in our predictive programmed minds, by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, or more recently Philip K. Dick, they all unfold in a vast metropolis under the watchful eye of an authority amid oppressive rules and regulations, that may have seemed like a good idea to begin with, but always seem to be stretched, abused, or used in a manner not intended. Today’s technology and government systems are no different. Censorship, surveillance, and collusion with big tech are but a few of our shared experiences. In these videos, you will find unique urban areas, transhumanism, and the often-overlooked big-tech cyber-psychedelic movement. Enjoy, connect-the-dots to reality, and Happy New Year.


We begin our exploration by traveling to the world’s fifth largest city AKA Mexico City where the 80s-inspired multifaceted Synth musician, Werner Karloff, sets urgent sparkling flows of dancing electronic motion against the unique character and charm of the busy metropolis itself for the song “Imágenes del Ruido” off his 6-track EPAtemporal.” A great way to see an urban area from the resident’s point of view, rather than a mainstream lens.


Augsburg, Germany-based Belarusian Synth Pop artist Arthur Tsymbal AKA The Violent Youth always manages to fuse intimate psychological textures through his music and visuals. “Туман | Tuman | Fog” directed by Arthur Tsymbal and Miriam Utzmann, with evocative drawings by Laura Sattelmair, alters time and anxiety levels with a heady stream of consciousness stifled by a fear of never getting rid of head-fog. The song is off the 3-track EP “Tuman.”


Our next outing takes us to a neon-fused tinsel-blowing after-hours performance in Athens, Greece where Szu-Haou Cheng, Kai-Ning Chung, Wen-Yi Wu, and Hsin Ho dance non-stop wearing hip fashions by the Egg Roll Boys to the dangerous magnetic waves of Paradox Obscur’s anthemic electronic dance song “Animal Reactor”, off the evolutionary concept album “Morphogenesis” via Metropolis Records.


Ural Mountains is the DIY Indie Rock act of Buenos Aires-based French musician Cyril Degilles whose visuals for the dire, breathless track “Are You Running Out” definitely hones in on the madness part of the playlist. High-speed chase footage, shot from a police helicopter follows the death-defying stunts of an “on-the-run” skateboarder whilst the high-energy, rambling soundtrack cast in snippets of a 911 call keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat. “Are You Running Out” is off the 2021 album “Synthetic Lights”, via the Texan DIY label Chavalote Records.


Montreal, Quebec-based Cold Wave /Post Punker Francis Nothingwater AKA La Mecanique rewinds into the decadent carefree escapism of the 80s in the nostalgic dance song “Extravague” (Ultra Sunn Remix). Lysergic edits and warped hypnotic vocals take the listener into a cold, dark and awkward headspace where bittersweet intoxications and youthful, abandon take hold.


Germany-based, European Dark Wave duo of Tina Mar (vox, guitar, bass) and Stefan Scott (vox, keyboards), AKA Caput Medusae, travel to the year 2145 in the Sci-Fi music video, by Manuel Linke, for the transhuman track “Deus Ex Machina.” Shot on location in the Alpine Foothills, the visuals stir surreal, haunting dimensions against the urgent emotional bias of the soundtrack. Taken from the double-sided 12″ ‘white’ vinyl 2-tracker single paired with the dark trap-wave dance track “Screamdance” on the flip. 


Down the spiral of time to the 1950s with veteran ’80s, Mechelen-based, Belgian Dark Electro-Wave musician, composer and visual artist Eric Vandamme AKA Enzo Kreft. Enzo mixes his signature 80s dance vibes into a powerful statement piece inspired by the cold war propaganda cartoon by Anthony Rizzo, named “Duck and Cover.” For the older folks, a thought-provoking visual extraction of the nuclear nightmares placed in our collective consciousness long ago.


  • LA MORGUE“Dystopian (The System Is Broken)”

The next timeline takes us back to the future with the Bronx-based Death Rock/Dark Wave/Post Punk band led by Oby Wolf AKA La Morgue. A Gothic Romance cloaked in vigilante visions in the year 2089 ignites paranoia and dread alongside the Apocalyptic aural domain of the haunting imaginative single “Dystopian” (The System Is Broken).


Let’s take a quick break from the classic dramatic darkness and enter the neon-spinning Psychedelic portal created by South Australia’s Guitarist, Songwriter, and Producer Dave Thomas, AKA Hey Calamity. The urgent, angsty melancholy of “On the Run” blends wonderfully with the trippy visuals, depicting a dire future for humankind who might virtually imprison themselves at the hands of desire and greed.


  • GRGR“Ausfahrt”

GRGR, the Munich, Germany-based 8bit Wave Punk solo project led by Gregor Sandler AKA Dr. Gregor Giesing (Zoo Escape, Duo Frizzante & Samuele Inverno) takes us down a lost urban highway while emotionally performing “Ausfahrt” off his Sophomore album “Kopf” via Zweilhorn Records. The commanding caustic vocal drives urgent frustration through an intoxicating domain of perfectly blended synthetics and organics to incite heartfelt anti-capitalist, anti-racist vibes with vigor and care.


NO FILTER“Black Leather Jacket”

French Cold Wave/ Post Punk/Punk act No Filter combines cold, caustic tumultuous vibes with edgy retro visuals of some of the most memorable cultural movements wrought by disharmony and change in the soul-stirring video for “Black Leather Jacket”, off the anticipated debut album.


One of the most sensitive messages, due to recent events, comes from the Malmo, Sweden-based Goth/Post Punk/ New Wave act Katzengold. Led by Seattle native Chris Durso (Guitar, Vocals, Keys) alongside Martin Rydin (Bass, Synths), and Oskar Rydlinger (Drums), the soul-stirring DIY video sheds light on the psychological aspects of coerced injections while channeling a romantic retro sound ala Joy Division and The Sounds. “Casio Song” is off the Sophomore album “New Public Management“, via Rundgång Rekords.