WL//WH Mix Of The Week : DJ Insidious Ghost ‡ GhŌs† Ōf Λ MєMŌЯY ‡‡ for Hexx 9 Radio

Mix Of The Week DJ Insidious Ghost ‡

Last amazing mix by Canadian dj/artist Insidious Ghost ‡ , a distinctive blend of ‡ ghostwave, witch, darkwave, post-punk, industrial, ghostdrone, dark electronics ‡
A unique sounds that resonate in the realms of the haunted souls. Enjoy!

Featuring music from : 

Mater Suspiria Vision, M‡яc▲ll▲ remixed by 5th of July, Scene Noir, Bow Church, LOVATARAXX, CROW CVLT, Maxence Cyrin, Violet Sky, Medusa in My Knickers, Meviu§, Dead Serpent, Shadowhouse, †NIHIL†, Markus Midnight, Warsaw Pact, Ssleeping Desiress, Werewolves Beware, B∟vИ††ravma, †LOΛΣΓS†, Fearing, VEILS, EvɇrSeenΔ Ghøstbɇfoɍe with iŋЅiđiŌυЅ GhŌЅ†, Antipole, PVTY KERRY, Crossover, Diem Redux, Hooded Leaders, Gyves, John d’Arc, Spell Hound, my.head

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