Album Premiere Paradox Obscur

Today we are so happy to present you the brand new marvel ‘SYNΘESIS’ LP by Athens, GR, based duo PARADOX OBSCUR and thank them for granting us an Exclusive Premiere of the album, for all of you! The album releases on March 15 via Young & Cold Records with the first two leading tracks been surfaced lately. WL//WH has presented both of them in a huge surprise out of the band’s outstanding twist in their music. It was Cat Gillette who wrote in here about the ‘X-Spell’ official video

“Unfocused bass desire pulses like a predator, while slurred clashes and arrhythmic futuristic samples fuse with undulating synth layers rising in drone alarm, as subdued detached anticipatory female vocals rise releasing breathy gasps of exhalation, laced with angry disgust as wickedly addictive baseline throbs rhythmically underfoot.” 

Actually, she got the pulse of the band as the band itself caught Gillette’s own pulse as she was listening to it. Let’s hear and watch that track again which was directed & edited by Pavel Vishnevsky!

A bit earlier before that, I presented in here (for you) the official video of ‘Abeyance’ which was also directed & filmed by Pavel Vishnevsky. I recall some of my words

“While being accustomed to the darker shades of music, this duo never hesitated to experiment a lot with their music as they are constantly blending it with minimal wave soundscapes, electroclash (EBM) paradigms, the melodic chants of the gothic-oriented narration, and the Darkwave sincerely.”

And yeah, I insist on my words as I also understand and support Gillette’s awe and her point of view. The new album by Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor (Paradox Obscur) comes like thunder in its entirety. ‘SYNΘESIS’ LP is their most extravagant record and an album that will easily gain new fans, for sure. You see, Paradox Obscur were always keen on experimenting with musings as they are following other certain paths too in order to blend their artistic DNA. From minimal wave to the coldwave, and from the electro wings of the darkwave to the synthwave realm, while all the way through the gothic narration and its aesthetics, the band always offered some outstanding records, since 2014. And it luckily all sounds as they will never stop searching for the new thrill and that new kick they need for breathing and to create music. Records like ‘Noir’, ‘Anacrusis’, ‘Ατραπος’, and ‘Artifact’ worked as their passport to the global (let’s call it) darkwave plane.

SYNΘESIS’ LP includes 6 prototype anthems to die for on the dancefloor, plus 2 remixes on the song ‘Fester’ (Alternative Mix, Protector 101 Mix) and another one on the track ‘Reflexe’ (Tanya Baltunova Remix). The whole journey with Paradox Obscur this year is mounted on the more electro-techno wing and the whole album is an offering of a tremendous pressure with analog beats, less gothic-wise keys on the set, a clearer view toward the ‘grey lights’ darkwave, and as usual…the voice of Kriistal Ann‘s that takes the music to the higher trails. Both Toxic Razor and she worked on the new chapter of Paradox Obscur‘s music under their common will and the purpose to seemingly alternate more their own and already trademark sound. The album is a stunning surprise in its whole sounding and another marvellous release by a duo which obviously works as a compact team. It couldn’t be different than that, every record they make is not like a cautious sequel which follows the last one, but like keeping it all tight, their every new one is the new chapter to their music.

Let me show you what I mean; take ‘Detonation’ (2014) first, and then go to ‘Dark Fortress’ (2014). Then switch to ‘Flesh’ (2015), and to ‘A Different Hum’ (2017), and after that start wondering through other songs and singles they have recorded to end up to the opener of the new album which is ‘Mantras’. I cannot put it in other words, Paradox Obscur reveal their glorious progress in each and every record they make. What now, want me to give you more focus tracks from ‘SYNΘESIS’ album?! Nooooo dears, just sit in your comfort and listen to the new one with joy. And you will put it on repeat too, oh yes, you will!!!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike