WL//WH Electronic Tips For The Weekend

Electronic Tips For The Weekend

Chicago-born/Brooklyn-based experimental electronic producer Max Ravitz aka PATRICIA “Wet Satin”

Berlin, based experimental synth electronic artist SILVIA KASTEL “Air Mob” from the forthcoming album ‘Air Lows’, out January 2018 on Blackest Ever Black

Brooklyn, NY ambient / deep techno / noise / experimental / synth female DJ/producer, ANTENES “Dream Uncreates The Land” from new EP “Shifting Zones” out now on Silent Season

Dutch 1080p and Pinkman-affiliate lo-fi IDM electro producer Betonkust “Ferenc’s Escape” from Betonkust / Új Bála ‎EP on Dalmata Daniel Split Series

South Wales electronic /dark ambient /drone /experimental project of sound artist Matt Ridgway, aka GAFAEL “Broken Upon the Stones” from the debut cassette album “Against These Rocks” out now on Noir Age

Avondale Estates, Georgia synth electronic sound artist D. Haddon, aka WARNING LIGHT ”Further Glance the Sphere” from the album ”Luxury Through Repetition” out now Stickfigure

 Berlin-based, German electronic producer Stefan Junge, aka PISKA POWER “Aras” from upcoming EP ”Landung” out January 2018 on Power Station

Corfu-based Greek industrial experimental dark electronic project of Dimitris DoukasRestive Plaggona “Alone To Faith And To Death” from the new album “Silently Hopelessly” out now on Thrènes

London based Andrew Weatherall’s engineer, formerly one half of The Asphodells (with Daniel Avery) and electronic dj/producer Timothy J. Fairplay ”Honecker Complex” from the upcoming EP “An Introduction To Consumer Electronics” [Nocta Numerica]

German-born Russian dark techno electronic producer Dimitri Veimar “Agung” title track of the new EP out now via Turbo Recordings

Italian electronic producer NOx “Ditch” from the “Firestorm” album out now on TONN Recordings

Dutch industrial dark electronic producer Boris Post aka Eindkrak ‘Vrijwel Nihil’ from the upcoming album ”Brullend Staal” out January 2018 on Unknown Precept


Swedish ambient electronic techno project of D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. [Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet ] member Michel Isorinne aka Isorinne 5:59 – from the new album, ’Speechless Malison’ out now on Northern Electronics

Berlin-based industrial dark power electronics project of Greek producer and Liber Null Berlin founder Manos Simotas aka UNHUMAN “ACT II ( Violet Poison Remix )’ from the cassette EP “Control” on Liber Null 


Berlin based electro project by label founder and producer E. Mengozzi aka GEN DEFEKT “Nachdruck” from the EP ‘Gen Defekt_Nachdruck’ out now on Circonstances Aggravantes


Melbourne‘s experimental electronic producer James Annesley aka WARM STRANGER”Burning Ghost Dream” from “Burning Ghost Triptych” EP on esc.rec.


US Drone Ambient Techno female producer Rrose “The Smallest Footprints” from the new 3-track EP ”The Ends of Weather” out now on Eaux.