WL//WH Electronic Tips

Lyon, France industrial / electronic / synthwave project of pioneer musician Laurent Prot, In Æternam Vale “Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie”.

German experimental electronic composer Karsten Nicolai, aka Alva Noto “Uni Blue” from forthcoming album “UNIEQAV” on Noton.

German industrial / dark techno producer from Berlin, Headless Horseman “Concussion” from the new EP “47014” via Tommy Four Seven’s imprint.

Paris‘ industrial / acid / dark techno producer MYN “Mental Outburst” from the new EP “The Violent Poetry” on Pinkman.

Electro / techno producer Secret State “CIA UFO Google Search” from upcoming EP “Zero Zero One” on UK’s Central Processing Unit.

Swedish experimental / piano / ambient outsource of sound artist Filip Forsström, aka Ljudvägg “Varande” title track from his upcoming debut album via Purlieu Recordings.

French ambient project A.L. Lamer “Impression d’Orage – 2”

Paris-based French ambient drone electronic producer (also Autrenoir, Foudre!, Oiseaux-Tempête et Violent Magic Orchestra collaborator) Paul Régimbeau aka MONDKOPF “Weird Eyes” from upcoming V/A “Unwitch – the first session” via Leyla Records.

UK experimental / drone / electronic project of former Wire and half of Dome member Bruce Gilbert ‘Undertow’ from the upcoming new album ‘Ex Nihilo’ on Editions Mego.

Sweden‘s ambient / drone / experimental / deep techno collaborative project Cloistral & Drottning Omma ‘Untitled #4’ from the new cassette album ‘Nya katedraler” on offworldcolonies.
Portland, Oregon ambient electronic artist (half of Mind Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Aubade”.

Italian dark synth electronic Dj, Producer, Remixer and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani“Blood Runs Down” from upcoming album “Trame Due” on Minimal Rome.

Toronto, Canada dark electronics producer and Summer Isle Records honcho, E-Saggila“Innocent”.

Gothenburg, Sweden dub / ambient / techno producer (founding member of Uran and part of Lava) Jesper Jarod, aka Västlänken“Autobaba” from upcoming 7″ single [Höga Nord Rekords]

Birmingham, UK industrial / dark electronics moniker of ex-Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris aka FRET“List Is Full” from the upcoming 4 track “Silent Neighbour” EP out April 2018 on L.I.E.S.

Puebla-based Mexican dark electronic producer and label manager of Regith Records, Otheo“Technotheo (Tronik Youth Remix)” out soon on Nein Records.

Madison, Wisconsin electro / new beat / ebm project by Caustic’s Matt Fanale and Null Device’s Eric Oehler, KLACK“DMF” from upcoming vinyl 12″ “Do You Klack?” out March 12, 2018 on Detriti Records.
Toronto‘s dark industrial / new wave / dark electronic project by ex-Crystal Castles drummer and producer Cam Findlay, aka KONTRAVOID“Discoslure” from V/A “Forth- Vol.1” out now on Forth Music.
Danish experimental / ambient / drone / electronic project of Posh Isolation co-founder & one-half of Damien Dubrovnik, Christian Stadsgaard, Vanity Productions“Altitude” from the cassette “Affiliations” out now on Posh Isolation.

Medellín, Colombian EBM / electro / techno producer Felipe Marín aka RETROGRADE YOUTH“Stop Believing” from V/A cassette compilation “Consistency In Paranoia” via Phormix Records.
Belgrade, Serbia ambient / drone / experimental / electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin“The Momentum Series I (Snippet)” from the upcoming ltd. cassette “The Momentum Series II” on Ōtium
Italian/UK kosmische / cosmic disco / abstract EBM / synth electronic collaborative project by producers Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound), Alessio Natalizia (Not Waving) and Guido Zen (Brain Machine), POTTER NATALIZIA ZEN [PNZ ] “Chaosmosis” from ”Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out” LP out now on the Ecstatic label.

Berlin-based dark techno / ebm / raw electronic collaboration Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October“Fleischleben (Original Mix)” new EP [Lebendig 00.02]
German techno producer from Saarbrücken, SDB“Dissociate”.

Berlin-based electronic / kosmische / techno musician/composer and Raster-Noton co-founder, Frank Bretschneider “Motorik” from the new album “Lunik” on Shitkatapult.
Italian dark atmospheric techno producer from Rome, Antonio Ruscito “Nube (Original Mix)” from V/A EP “Ascetic 03” on Ascetic Limited.
Rome, Italian industrial experimental electronic producer Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri, aka Plaster“Imaginary Friend” from the upcoming album “Transition” on Kvitnu.
Berlin’s dark industrial techno producers Kaltès & Nene H.“Resist” from debut EP “Protest” on Eotrax.
Marseille/Berlin, French industrial dark electronic producer (aka Elements Of Joy), UVB “Slash And Burn” from the EP “Remembering The Heat” on Body Theory.
Italian electronic / experimental / noise project of Stefano Martino (aka RASH), κνισο “Rubble Syrian”