WL//WH Doc: “Music For Ordinary Life Machines” – A doc about the synth scene GR

WL//WH Doc  Music For Ordinary Life Machines

This is the synthesized story of our lives in Greece. This is a film on how it all started back in the ’80s. A fine documentary that shows those who sowed the seeds of this kind of music-with-machines in GR, the evolution of that scene in time, and a dedicated ‘inscription’, the current electro-synthwave-synthpunk line-up GR! Come, my people, you all know these artists: Selofan, Paradox Obscur, Kriistal Ann, Doric, Tango Mangalore, Kalte Nacht, etc, as they perform all over the world now, but it wasn’t always that easy…

Synopsis: From Choris Perideraio (Χωρίς Περιδέραιο – Nikos Aggelis RIP our brother) and Anti, to Human Puppets and Regressverbot. From In Trance 95 and Alive She Died, to Selofan and Doric. The underground Greek 80’s scene, where new wave and punk were expressed via synthesizers, becomes the starting point for MFOLM in order for it to capture the musical subculture in Greece that left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who fell in love with the ”machines”. Concise documentation of Minimal Synth and Synthpunk scene in Greece since the ’80s, starring the synthesizers, the rhythm boxes and the guys who loved them.

Appearing: AΝΤΙ…, Οdos 55, Choris Perideraio, Alexandros, Alive She Died, Blakaut, Convex Model, Doric, The Exetix, Human Puppets, In Trance 95, Kalte Nacht, Kriistal Ann, Methods of Dance, Nesfindonimus, Not Only Bones, Paradox Obscur, Plexiglas, RAW, Regressverbot, RR Hearse, Selofan, Statues in Motion & Tango Mangalore.

Convex Model, Nick K Maldoror

Selofan, Dimitris Pavlidis

Starring: Nikos Aggelis (Choris Perideraio), Kostas Aggelidis (Anti…), Alexandros (Alexandros, 80’s Ways Records), Nikos Veliotis (In Trance 95), Daphne Gerogianni (Alive She Died), George Ginis (Alive She Died), Mimis Diplas (Anti…), Pantelis Theodoridis (Regressverbot), Nikos Kapantzakis (Human Puppets, Convex Model, Plexiglas), Stathis Leontiadis (Human Puppets, Doric, The Exetix, Plexiglas), Alex Machairas (In Trance 95), Anna Michailidou (Kriistal Ann, Paradox Obscur), Fodas Xenios (Alive She Died), Kostas Panagopoulos (Anti…), Giannis Papaioannou (Raw, Elfish Records, Mechanimal), Dimitris Pavlidis (Selofan, Fabrika Records, Synthesizer.gr), Joanna Pavlidou (Selofan, Fabrika Records), Giannis Raikos (Not Only Bones), Leonidas Skiadas (Death Disco Club), Labros Tsamis (RR Hearse), Alkis Chatzoglou (Blakaut), Panos Dread (Geheimnis Records), Billy Knight (Statues In Motion), Valisia Odell (Phoenix Catscratch), Philippe Mignon (Not Only Bones) & Toxic Razor (Paradox Obscur, Werkstatt Recordings).

Human Puppets

Credits: Filmed, Edited & Directed by Nikos Chantzis | Production: Press Eject and Give me the Tape /1st Assistant Director: Magda Mava | 2nd Assistant Director: George Papafilippou / Assistant Camera: Nikos Mpampousis | Script Soupervisor: Sousana Kalemou & Christina Dimitouli / Sound: Spyros Kapatos | Backstage Photographer: Marilia Fotopoulou | Sound Mixing: Johnny Labelle/  Color Correction: Effie Yele | Subtitles: Sofia Papanastasiou | Timing & Editing Subtitles: Μarkos Kritzalis / DCP: Authorwave | Poster: Nikos Tsamboukos | Logo: Ultragrim

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03/03/19 : 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece)
19/04/19 : In-Edit Greece / International Music Documentary Film Festival [Thessaloniki Edition] (Greece)
20/06/19 : FECIBogotá – Feria Internacional de Cine Independiente de Bogotá (Colombia)
06/08/19 : 6th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (Greece)
26/09/19 : 25th Athens International Film Festival (Greece),  22/11/2019 DocFest / Chalkida Documentary Festival (Greece)

Upcoming Screenings: 25/01/2020 Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival. For future and confirmed screenings outside Greece, keep up with Music For Ordinary Life Machines FB page, YouTube, and on WL//WH for updates and further information.

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