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etti/etta “Old Friends”

Two piece, continental-stretching band hailing from Italy and Canada, etti/etta released in mid August their first full-length “Old Friends” on ltd. 12″vinyl/cassette and digital. Rafaella (vocals/bass) and Marcus (guitars/synth/omnichord) create fuzzy, hallucinogenic songs and soundscapes that cross time and space.

Rafaella’s vocals feel as if they are constantly being transmitted to you from the edge of the galaxy, bouncing off the atmosphere while telling stories of hope, loss and dreams. They sound as if they’ve been waiting to be discovered for aeons. These messages are carried on their journey by Marcus’ gorgeous synths and guitars, wrapping everything in a thick, otherworldly sound. This is music from a distant world. The drums take a backseat for these songs, and in a time of often crushing beats it’s a welcome choice as it lets the synths, guitars and vocals shine through and reveal all their delicate, beautiful moments.

Rather than individual songs out there on their own, this collection stands together as a cohesive dream – it really is all for one and one for all on “Old Friends”. To pick one or two songs out to highlight feels like missing the point of this album. As if one song doesn’t make sense unless it’s connected to all the others, but…if you were going to make us talk about our favourite tracks, if our lives depended on it then…“Incense”, which swirls and soothes…and “Who Knows”, as it nearly drowns everything under fuzz…they would be the ones…apart from “Umbra”, those three. Wait, “Sister/Object” too. See? It’s not easy.

An album and a band to fall in to – let go.

Review by Jimmy & Mark of the band Corasandel.

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