WL//WH Album Premiere: COLD MEDICINE “Behind the Mask”

WL//WH Album Premiere Cold Medicine

Shot by Sandy Holmes of Elemental Eyes Photography

“Raw, sketchy, primitive and lustful” 

with these words Phil Taylor, the frontman of TampaFL dark/surf post-punk band Sleeping Pills, describes his solo dark synth-driven project Cold Medicine.

Last October Cold Medicine released its first EP “Darkest Rose” and performed live on a US East Coast tour. Now exacly an year later Phil is dropping his debut full-legth album “Behind the Mask” through Orlando-based DIY label Popnihil, soon followed by yet another East Coast tour.

“Behind the Mask” is ‘a concept of what we all feel but hide from the world, it’s as if we never really lift our masks completely, what lies behind our faces can be brutal and yet we need the brutality in us hidden somewhere to compete with this reality’

Music-wise is a noir-ish, cold, mesmeric piece of different sonic elements fusing between cold wave, minimal synth, darkwave, through a stripped-down, entirely synthetic, instrumental set-up, that deftly combines crunchy and taut lashing percussive patterns, tension-filled ominously buzzing and boisterous basslines against swirling, ebullient menacing synth riffs over strangely tempting and teasing, yet wickedly sinister vocals, delving relentlessly into the inner depth of our rawest, most hauntingly vulnerable and hidden human self.

Written, recorded and mastered by Phil Taylor, this album, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, displays an intimate and unique sound quality, his most personal to date.

Catch Cold Machine live on the incoming Behind the Mask Tour.

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Photo Shot by Sandy Holmes of Elemental Eyes Photography