WH//WH Post Holidays Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Post Holidays Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

    P ◤ I S “Julietta”

Prague, Czechia new wave / synth post-punk duo P ◤ I S “Julietta” from the debut album ”Naše večery”

    BITE MARX “Ghosts In The Oubliette” 

Los Angeles‘ post punk / electro-punk solo project by former Cinema Strange and The Wraith member Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Ghosts In The Oubliette” new single 

    Bring Her ”Then We Will Break” (Black Verb)

Pittsburgh, PA post punk / darkwave duo, Bring Her ”Then We Will Break” from the forthcoming LP on Black Verb Records 

    CONTRE SOIREE “Oppression”

French coldwave / darkwave duo from Paris, CONTRE SOIREE “Oppression”

    Möthersky “Call To Arms”

Brooklyn, NY psych / krautrock / synth / post punk duo Möthersky “Call To Arms”

    Marta Raya “Inner Movement”

Berlin‘s obscure synthwave artist Marta Raya “Inner Movement”  

    FADEDGE “Nova Express” 

Russian post punk solo project of Makar Kartashev from Vyborg, FADEDGE “Nova Express” 

    Bad Penny “The Void Will Laugh” (demo)


New York‘s dark electronic / minimal wave female artist Bad Penny “The Void Will Laugh” (demo)

    BOXES OF BLOW “Your Presence” 

Athens Greece electronic / psychedelic / post-punk band BOXES OF BLOW “Your Presence” 

    POSSESSIONS ”New Taste for Life”

New York‘s industrial dark electronic project of female vocalist Jane Heresy and producer (AKA Invisibles) and Crystal Castles engineer Alex Zelenka, POSSESSIONS ”New Taste for Life” 

    SELFISHADOWS ”Recalling” (Unknown Pleasures Records)

Italian minimal cold wave project of Daniele Giustra, SELFISHADOWS ”Recalling” title track of the  debut album.

    Push Button Press “5°C”

US electro synth-goth darkwave duo from Tampa, FL, Push Button Press “5°C”

    FORNICATA ”Nobody’s Noticing”

Californian dark electronic synthwave artist, FORNICATA ”Nobody’s Noticing”

    CREUX LIES “Zone” 

Sacramento‘s synth post punk band featuring former members of NMBRSTTN (Number Station), CREUX LIES “Zone” 

    CLOSER “Oculto” 

Post-punk revival band from Brazil, CLOSER “Oculto” from the new EP “Transmutação”

    Das Kelzer ”Sombras”

Synth Post Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer ”Sombras’‘ from the second album ”Horus”. 

   Great Salt Lake “Reprieve”

Tilburg, Netherlands noise-rock / post-punk 4-piece Great Salt Lake Reprieve” new single

    Mannequin “Candles”

Californian darkwave duo Mannequin “Candles” title track of the new 2-track single

    Crystalline Stricture “Gender the Fluid Remix” feat. vocal by Me and a Box [TONN]

Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Gender the Fluid Remix” feat. vocal by Me and a Box (demo) from the forthcoming Crystalline Stricture album on TONN Recordings


Spanish goth dark synth electronic wave solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “Take Me To Heaven”

    Kurs Valut “Ne Tviy”

Dnipro, Ukraine synthpop act Kurs Valut “Ne Tviy”

    COREY FLOOD “Feel Okay” (Fire Talk)

Philadelphia ‘s goth pop / post punk 4-piece COREY FLOOD “Feel Okay” from forthcoming debut EP “Wish You Hadn’t” via Fire Talk

    CONTEMPLATIV “you bring out my worst side” 

Russian electronic / darkwave duo CONTEMPLATIV “you bring out my worst side” 

    TEMPLE “Hands of Faith” (Occult Whispers Records)

Minneapolis‘ post punk / darkwave band TEMPLE “Hands of Faith” preview from the forthcoming album on Occult Whispers Records

    The Secret French Postcards “Hold Me Down” (demo)

Swedish indie / dreampop / post punk outfit The Secret French Postcards “Hold Me Down” (demo)

    BACHELOR “Circle” 

Brewster, NY electronic synthpop / new wave solo project, BACHELOR “Circle” new single 

    JUVENILIA “Soliamos Reirnos Mas” 

Argentinian new wave / post punk five-piece from Buenos Aires, JUVENILIA “Soliamos Reirnos Mas” from the debut album “Obras de Juventud”

    BLACK BARON “Seek Your Pleasure”

Hamilton, Ontario dream-punk / post-punk 4-piece BLACK BARON “Seek Your Pleasure” from the new 2-track single.

    STRUCTURES “Long Wife”

French coldwave / post punk outfit from Amiens, STRUCTURES “Long Wife”

    BEWITCHED AS DARK ”Sadhu Satana” 

Darkwave / EBM / Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK‘Sadhu Satana” 

    KITCH “Echelon” 

Chicago‘s coldwave / darkwave female artist KITCH “Echelon” from the debut single “Xenon” 

    Melting Walkmen “Time” 

Danish deathrock / post punk band from Copenhagen, Melting Walkmen “Time” from the new single “Daylight Savings” 

    WARSAW PACT “Day by Day”

Los Angeles‘ coldwave / post punk band Warsaw Pact “Day by Day” debut single

    THIS IS THE BRIDGE ‘‘Eat The Rich!” 

London/Liverpool, UK dark minimal synth electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE‘Eat The Rich!”

    Nürnberg “Patanuć” (Squall Recordings)

MinskBelarus coldwave / post-punk band Nürnberg “Patanuć” from the new cassette EP “U nikudy”.

    Feeding Fingers “Do Owe Harm”

USA/Austrian darkwave / post-punk / new wave trio lead by Austrian experimentalist Justin CurfmanFeeding Fingers “Do Owe Harm” title track the new album.