WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #19-22

photo by Mira Nedyalkova

  • Hamburg‘s NDW/minimal wave/synthpop duo of musician Christian Klesz and vocalist Francis Kussatz, Paragraf 201 “Paranussbaum” single

New captivating single for the dark minimal wave duo based in Hamburg, channels mystery, anxiety and doom through wobbly urgent crisp rhythms, wavering velvety basslines, twinkling strings of wistful hollow keys, and abandoned icy bright sweeping synth melodies to echo humming ethereal dimensions and soft angsty and pensive female vocals into the curious, esoteric lyrical metaphor waiting to be decoded.

  • Paris, France deathrock /post-punk band Jupiter Jane “Money, Murder, Madness” title track from the upcoming first LP “Money, Murder, Madness” on SwissDarkNights Label

Parisian trio, after a good debut EP from about three years ago and a transitional single, returns more dynamic and sharper than ever through a first compelling preview with phantasmagoric deathrock hues, instilling eerie droning frantic energy coalesces around spine chilling and slicing, effect-laden guitar whirlwinds, urgent tight beats and sassy, caustic, and moaning vocals unleashing anger, shame, and fear into a disenchanted lifestyle left wandering in the dragging sands of time.

  • Belgian techno /synthwave /darkwave DJ and producer from Brussels, Alix Van Ripato “Sun” from the upcoming debut album “Red Spells” on Red Maze Records

Cold and danceable darkwave from the DJ and producer from Brussels, driven by tightly punchy tinny beats, droning wavering bassline and slowly ominous synth swathes around distant haunted vocals dropping emotional lovelorn poetry into the tumultuous gloomy vibrance of gothic romantic bliss. 

  • Brittany‘s weird pop /dark folk project of Hoel Moce (Techno Thriller), YEUN ELEZ “Yeun Elez (with Reymour)” from the upcoming first s/t album on ltd. ‘Gravure Collection’ tape via Teenage Menopause Rds
  • Zurich, Switzerland shoegaze /post-punk /new wave solo project BLANCHE BIAU “Lazy” (Low Cover)
  • German Post-punk/ Coldwave/ Dark-Ambient/ Darkwave solo project of Anna Nin (Fka None), GLARING “Paralyzed”                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Mexico City-based minimal synth /synth-pop duo formed by Egle Naujokaityte (Muk) and Rogelio Serrano (Equinoxious), aka GRIS FUTURO “Complejo C” single
  • Portland, OR dark minimal synth electronics solo project ORTROTASCE “Critical Eye” from the EP “I Remember My Past Life In Great Detail”
  • California synth-wave /darkwave /coldwave solo female project THE NEW ARCTIC “Veils” from the upcoming debut album “Vault” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • French darkwave /synthwave solo project NAM’S feat. CAMILLA SOMBRIO – “Bloom”                                            
  • Brownsville, TX industrial /darkwave /post-punk solo project AVVGUST “Missing Mass” single.
  • Seattle, Wa based DIY Coldwave /Darkwave solo project Festering Wounds “Navy Blue Collar” (Single) from upcoming double EP “Dark Futures in Fluorescent Lights”
  • Ulyanovsk, Russia coldwave /post-punk duo PROSHAY “Bez nas” from “Na samyj chernyj den’. Chast’ 1” EP
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth minimal wave duo Her Absence Fill The World “Neue Türkische Welle” from the cassette EP “Neon Arabesque” on Detriti Records
  • Texan darkwave/post-punk/minimal synth/coldwave solo project of Houston based musician Bruce Courtney, THE STAVE CHURCH “Fate of Man” (feat. Vocals and Lyrics by Eirene & Bass by Paris Alexander) from the new single “We Are The Machines”
  • French minimal synth /coldwave project by Boris VölT from Rennes, MODE In GliANY “Drame Fatal” from the album “Nigelle de Damas”
  • Berlin-based coldwave /dark disco artist SNAKE MILK “Darkness Mit Pommes” title track from the upcoming EP “Darkness Mit Pommes” on Oberwave Records
  • Paris-based, Italo-French Synthpop band LA PUNTA BIANCA “Toro Marino” from the vinyl 12″ album “Disquiet” on Detriti Records
  • Paris-based Synth Wave vocalist composer & performer MADMOIZEL “Culture 19″ (originally released on V/A “MRG010” on Marguerite Records)
  • Manchester, UK electronic /new wave /synthpop solo project KRAFTman “Riding Through The Alps” title track from the new EP “Riding Through The Alps”                                                                                                 
  • Zurich based synthwave /darkwave /new wave project by Markus W (Veil of Light), SLEEP FOREVER “Grains Of Sand” from the new LP “Boyhood” on DKA Records
  • UK dark electro /synthpop project of Stuart Jones, aka die Zerstörten “Light The Way (Silhouetted Horizons Mix)”
  • Portugal based coldwave /post-punk /darkwave trio Cariño Muerto “Accidente” from the upcoming cassette EP “La Gran Virtud Del Peligro”
  • Los Angeles post-punk /dream pop trio Magic Wands “Sideways” single (bonus track).
  • Canadian darkwave dream of visual artist and musician, Shannon Hemmett of Vancouver, BC-based act Actors, aka LEATHERS “Runaway” new single
  • Retro /synthwave /synthpop collaboration between Vancouver‘s Shawn Ward & Santa Cruz‘s Blake Voss, FM Attack & Vandal Moon “Cry Cry Cry” single
  • Los Angeles based dark electronic pop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) & Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), aka BLAKLIGHT “Coma” from V/A “They Mostly Come At Night [Expanded]” charity compilation on Darkness Calling
  • Baltimore, Maryland darkwave/electronic /synth-pop project of artist /producer Samuel Morgan, aka VACANT WINDOWS “Ghosted” new single
  • Athens, Greece based electro-wave /analog electronics project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “Acid Lord” title track from the cassette/CD EP ‘Acid Lord’
  • Swedish EBM /dark techno /electronic /minimal synth project Kinder Aus Asbest “Doppelgänger” from CDr album “NATUROM DEMONTO” (tracks originally created for the live gig at EBM United Festival Stockholm, April 16th 2022)
  • French industrial /no-wave /post-punk /dark electronic producer and Body Theory label boss Sebastien Michel (aka Daxyl, Elements of Joy and UVB), aka Die Ecke “Jukebox Politics” title track from the new 12″ EP “Jukebox Politics” on Persephonic Sirens
  • New York-based industrial /EBM /wave /electro DJ-artist R GAMBLE “Strict Guidance” from the upcoming album “The One With the Eyes” on Marguerite Records
  • EBM /industrial /dark electronic collaboration DADDYBEAR x MORIS BLAK x GRABYOURFACE “Crimes of Passion” single
  • Front Line Assembly – “Black March (WLDV Edit)”
  • Swedish electronic /EBM act ALL SYSTEMS OUT “Holy Land” single
  • Bremen, Germany dark electro /synthpop act Pending Position “Körper Auf Körper (Aircrash Bureau Remix)” from upcoming single “Körper Auf Körper” on Infacted Recordings
  • San Diego, CA darkwave /synthwave /post-punk solo project of James Ivey, THE DIRTY SUN “Stealing Flowers” single on Split Banana Records
  • Manchester, UK synth dark electro band Mercury Machine “Second Life” single
  • Florence, Italy cold wave /post-punk 4-piece Morgana “Provare Ancora” from the vinyl 12″ debut LP “Contemporaneità” on Low Ambition Records
  • L.A. post-punk /new wave /synthpop duo Sacred Skin “Circles” single
  • Latvian new wave /post-punk 3-piece from Riga, Plenērs “Nēnujā” single
  • Lyme, New Hampshire indie rock /shoegaze /jangly post-punk multi-instrumentalist Tom Weir, aka OLD MOON “Soma” from upcoming album “Cities of the Plain” on à La Carte Records/Love Chain Tapes
  • Athens, Georgia based goth-pop duo Vision Video “Pictures of You” (The Cure cover)
  • Kyiv based, Ukrainian gothrock /darkgaze band lead by Serj Kost, Gentle Ropes “Haze” from the LP “Control”
  • Russian no wave/after post-punk band from Kaliningrad, BLIND SEAGULL “Stray” from the upcoming album “Personal Decay”
  • Swedish post-punk /dark wave solo project of synthpop producer Yestergrey, AKA Movie Camera “You Have A Life Now” from the upcoming debut LP “Memory / Display” on SwissDarkNights
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /synth wave band PLAGUE PITS “The Frozen Ground” title track from the upcoming cassette album “Transnecropolitan”
  • French coldwave / post-punk duo from Besançon, VAGUE SCARE “Mind Monsters”                                                                                            
  • Los Angeles‘ DIY lo-fi /wave /post-punk / electro-punk duo of musician and songwriter Colin Ambulance (ex Cinema Strange, Cardboard Lamb, The Lips…) and bassist Nick Nia, BITE MARX “Flooder” single
  • Lima, Peru ’80s new wave /post-punk band Extraña Misión “El Cielo De Las Noches” from the cassette reissue of their one and only album + live tracks “Ensayos 1988” on Cintas Taciturnas
  • ’80s Zurich‘s ambient /experimental /new wave /synthwave artist (member of the trio Nordland), Mario Scherrer – “An Old Familiar Cry” from the double vinyl reissue of the 1986 tape album “Squares and Crossings” [Dee Dee’s Picks]                                                                                                                                                                
  • ’80s legendary English post-punk gothic rock group from Barnsley, THE DANSE SOCIETY – “2000 light years from home (7″ version)” from “2000 Light Years From Home EP (remaster)” EP
  • Polish Gothic Rock /Death Rock /Post-Punk band from Poznań, Yakutian Cult “Downpour” (Single).
  • Brooklyn, NY no-wave /post-punk project Naked Objects “Fifth” single
  • Ukrainian Post Punk /Darkwave trio based in Slovyansk, Delirium “Холод / Cold” single on элек///чество
  • Early 80s Japanese post-punk /deathrock band Phaidia – “Dark Side” from the upcoming V/A “Altar of Shadows” charity compilation on Psychic Eye
  • Spokane, Wa goth rock /darkwave act Cruel Velvet – “I’ve Been Twenty One for Twenty One Hundred Years” single
  • Irish post-punk /gothic rock solo project pMad “I Am” from the first “Broken” EP
  • UK legendary gothic /electronic/ industrial band lead by Rodney Orpheus, The Cassandra Complex “The Crown Lies Heavy on the King” from the upcoming LP “The Plague “
  • Belarusian new wave /post-punk solo project from Mogilev, Зубы:) “Автомобиль” single
  • Baltimore, Maryland DIY rock’n’roll /punk /new wave /post-punk outfit BODY BUSINESS “Nesting” from 3-track “Demo” EP
  • Bristol, UK indie rock /post-punk 5-piece, Saloon Dion “Pressure” new single on Nice Swan Records
  • Chicago, IL no-wave /punk /post-punk 4-piece (members of Negative Scanner and Human Beat), Spread Joy “Dry” off of the upcoming “II” album on Feel It Records
  • Sevilla, Spain no-wave /punk /post-punk band Montaña “Creo” from debut s/t EP
  • Austin, TX based garage /synth-punk trio SEX MEX “Electric Chair” off of the upcoming 2-track single of the same name
  • German Garage /New Wave /Synth-Punk 4-piece TIPP “ES JUCKT IM SCHRITT” from “2” EP
  • Ostrava, Czechia disco /post-punk /electro-synth-punk outfit München Konflikt “Bad Trip” from the upcoming cassette album “Muscle Pain, Panic fever”
  • New York goth /industrial /electronic /darkwave solo project Deather “Power” from the third single “Kill / Power”
  • French gothic /darkwave /coldwave singer-songwriter AFTER BLAST “A STRANGE WAY” from the album “OATHS AND LIES“
  • Dallas, TX 3-piece darkwave act SEVIT “The Walls Are Closing In”
  • Zurich, Switzerland shoegaze /post-punk /new wave solo project BLANCHE BIAU “Remembrance” from “Live Session Kältewelle” EP                                                                                                                                       

photo by Mira Nedyalkova