Video Of The Day : The Shifting Sands ‘Run’

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A guy from New Zealand recently told me that Dunedin and Christchurch have a deep gothic soul deeply reflectled in their music.

Even the gorgeous cosmic psychedelic pop of the Dunedin band The Shifting Sands, if at first glance melodic and refined, appears permeated by a sense of misery and melancholy.

‘Run’ a romantic melodic slab of punchy rhythmic section, stellar jangling reverberating guitars, dazzling Byrdsian vocals harmonies, drawing enchanted and evocative atmosphere with a sinister and decadent feel, fit perfectly in the tradition of 80’s Dunedin bands like The Clean and The Verlaines and with hints of the The Church’s atmospheric sound. Absolutely sublime.

Check out the haunting video directing and editing by Phoebe Lysbeth Kay and featuring Michael Rose.

The Shifting Sands, now a four-piece, already highly impressed with their sophomore album ‘Cosmic Radio Station’ in 2015, are back in great shape with the  forthcoming 7″ single ”Zoe/Run” due out January 31, 2018 on Fishrider Records.

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