Video Of The Day: POPULARDAYS “Lost in Space”

Video Of The Day Populardays

Formed in 1998, POPULARDAYS is a 4-piece band hailing from Manila, Philippines, comprised of Charles Manjares (Vocals, Guitars), Erick Lucas (Vocals, Guitars), Jann Paul Tatad (Drums), and Ian Gacutan (Bass), whose heady guitar-driven indie-pop sound is infused with distinctive melodic, jangly, dreamy qualities and a touch of shoegaze.
Stalwarts of the local indie music scene with their unique style of pop, the group released their acclaimed 11-track debut album, “Somewhere in Time” in 2014 through Terno Recordings.
With a new line-up, further energy and passion, while remaining true to their musical roots, the group have just dropped the new single/video “Lost in Space” via the usual Terno Recordings, but stay tuned brand new stuff is in the pipeline, along with another full-length album in 2021.
Steady slow-paced drumbeats crawl through gently caressing strums and the electric surge of hazy reverb-drenched shimmering guitar melodies, emotionally charged by mesmerizing leads, infused with deep pulsing basslines and dreamily sad hopeless vocals erupting in a swirling ethereal bliss.
Narrative lyrics convey a chaotic whirlwind romance stuck in a doomed loop of helpless love, striking a brief episode of amnesia and comforting escape into the knowing hearts of an ill-fated couple.
The kaleidoscopic and immersive video, directed by Arnel Reodique, blends deep hues of electric blue and purple bleeding into a liquid lava fuchsia, alternating with a beautiful face staring,  almost expressionless, before switching to varying states of emotion.  Joy, tenderly intimate moments, excruciating pain and hysterical crying evolve before ending in an enigmatic Mona Lisa smirk. Time-lapse photography blurs and staggers band members and their instruments, into a  detached soundscape creating a hallucinatory, zero-gravity moment of surrealism.   
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