Video Of The Day: MOUNT ECHO “Your Explosive Eyes”

Video Of The Day Mount Echo

Athens, Greece synth-gaze band Mount Echo born in the summer of 2018 from two members, Alexios Othon Theodoridis and George Tsitsanis, of the electro outfit Fizz4, later joined by Orthonas Tzaamtizis on bass. Their musical style blends rich vocals with intricate and evocative synth riffs and searing shoegaze guitar resonances to form a melodious balance of extremities. The formula was complete when Dimitris joined the band on drums and they proceeded to record their debut album “Garden House Meditation”.

The first official video for the single “Your Explosive Eyes”, an artistic collaboration of the group with fellow photographer Alex Coitus and performer/dancer Tina Koulouris, combines the sheer poignancy of the instrumentation with an age-old tale and fuses sight, sound, and emotion into a dramatically theatrical representation of art. 

Steady tight drumbeats and sparse terse double handclaps zipping along driving deep pulsing bass lines sharpened by bouncy dazzling synths and sinisterly screeching treated guitar slivers as mysterious, mournful, and longing male vocals rationalize and emotionally justify a never-ending tragedy of blood, tears, and love, with robust piercing guitar leads wavering amid spine-tingling menacing synth chords as they climax in shock and angry horror at the world around them.

A seemingly heartless nobleman stoically celebrates the long history of murder and destruction he has witnessed during his life as a vampire. But all is not lost, for a woman with “explosive eyes” helps him through a cursed eternity bathed in the blood of innocence.

A minimal black and white video uses the contrast of light and darkness to express the intense themes held within the heart of the vampire set against the backdrop of a person bathed in shadows that hide, contour, and create curiosity within the viewer. Flickering lights illuminate a beautiful stark face of longing and solitude as shadows drop dark tears of pain hidden behind the fabled eyes. A sultry dance of forbidden joy releases beats of bright red love quickly drawn in as sensibilities return engulfing them

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Photography by Alex Coitus