WL//WH Video Of The Day: HANGING GARDENS “Corps Vides”

Video Of The Day  Hanging Garden

It’s no secret how much we love Hanging Gardens from Metz en France. Moving slowly but with steady yet impressive leaps ahead, Nadia and Loic, offer another state-of-the-art musical ornament to the darkwave veil. Α band that doesn’t hurry to release records, HG is an act that only when ready to say something and open a new circle, only then it reveals new things. Active since 2015 with only 2 EP’s (‘Corpus 2.0’ and Materia Prima 3.0′) and a triple single (‘SsS’) they have managed to enchant us with their quality and a few more things; perfection, passion, with a disarmingly poetic attitude all over their music, which bridges and brings near the abyss between their releases, Hanging Gardens are expanding the lines of the French darkwave as they reveal the rosebush within their souls.

Their entire work is a challenge that won’t leave you untouched by all means and as they told us last year in an interview they granted us “We Are a Constantly Evolving Raw Material”. Thorns and beauty are on their brand new official video of ‘Corps Vides’ from the upcoming new EP in 2021. Thorns on the music of the new song by Loic HG, and beauty on the always imposing singing by Nadia Be, or vice versa? Τheir innermost thoughts are here again at the front of another killer dark sonic belle and like some other deities from the French past they do not participate in the event, they just emphasize it, they underline the facts and then let it all go alone to the place it deserves, at the highest peak of the French darkwave, and for them, also that music for the ages -such a precious band they are!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike