WL//WH Video Of The Day : EGYPTIAN BLUE “Paralyse”

Video Of The Day

It’s great to see that good old brand of British rock’n’roll is still alive and kicking, nervous, exciting, visceral and little dangerous, with punk attitude, working-class roots and social angst.

Colchester born relocated to Brighton‘s 4-piece Egyptian Blue seem to be on the same wavelength with their angular and abrasive, but at the same time highly melodic, guitar-driven post-punk with lysergic psychedelic undertones.

The guitars are sharp and menacing, bass and drums powerful and precise, the vocals fierce and effective, recalling the 80’s best early unadulterated roars of The Godfathers and That Petrol Petrol Emotion, this is psych-punk’n’roll at its peak. 

Highly Inflammable Material!

The band aptly said about the engaging video “We wanted to create a video, with the help of our good friend Jonathan Waller (Who’s also recently been working with Hotel Lux), that represented the uncomfortable social setting we found ourselves in. The clips include old footage of everyday life in Colchester and Brighton, interspersed with the military industrial machine of politics and power. We tried to show the juxtaposition of “normal life” given everything that goes on around us highlighting the lunacy of it all”

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Egyptian Blue – photo by Jonathan Fox WallÉr