Video Of The Day: CEREMONY EAST COAST “Less Than One”

Video Of The Day  Ceremony East Coast

Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia‘s fuzzy shoegaze noise-rockers CEREMONY EAST COAST, made up of former Skywave John Fedowitz (guitar, bass, vox) with partner Sandra Fedowitz (drums), have just dropped the new video for the loud guitar-charged last single “Less Than One.”

Fuzzy and distorted hazy power chords bleed over hypnotically trotting, punchy drumbeats and hearty throbbing bassline, punctuated by whooshing and strident sheets of guitar feedback into a maelstrom of turbulent restrained distortion for a fierce swelling psychedelic assault to the senses, laced with boundless passion, energy and adrenaline, to undercut detachedly brazen, high male vocals in a deluded expression of self-grandeur and self-deprecating nothingness.

Nihilist lyrics caustically explain an all or nothing intensity, shifting from, “I want the world, want it now” into taking it by force before finally revealing, “I got nothing,” to conclude the bipolar spectrum.

The compelling animated video, created by @Daniel McCarthy, follows an outcast alien on an intergalactic journey through the mind’s eye in a quest to find inner harmony and definition through a psychedelic dreamscape, dripping in nostalgic shades of muted neon hues. A deconstructed dive into the hidden psychological realms of fear, turmoil, and self-realization, unravel the esoteric plot burning in subconscious tendencies, governed by latent desires and nihilistic forethought.

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