WL//WH Video Of The Day : VICTORIA LUKAS ‘Helene’

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”During one long winter’s night in a neon-lit Paris, a restless young man wanders around to let himself be found by something that most people otherwise try to avoid: ghosts.

And the night is full of unexpected encounters in this ultra-chic film, which is neither documentary nor fiction, but rather an adaptation of the idea that Jacques Derrida defines in a guest star appearance on the cinema screen: that film plus psychoanalysis is equal to the science of ghosts – ie. a form of ‘spectrography’, which the French artist SMITH in her self-ironic, self-conscious, science-fiction essay of a film, conjures up with thermal infrared and in the dialogue’s mosaic of quotes of rambling French philosophy, from Breton and Barthes to Merleau-Ponty and Derrida himself. Hyper-modern and rich in (retro) references

Victoria has composed the sound score to ‘Spectrographies’, the debut movie of the interdisciplinary artist SMITH. Through the hybridization of techniques, mediums, the use of new technologies and collaborations with scientists and philosophers, SMITH develops a poetics of metamorphosis. Through the representation of ghostly and fantasmatic figures, as well as post-traumatic transformations, they capture negative and hollow subjectivation processes intertwined with self-effacement and self-image issues. Accounting for creative destruction, SMITH’s works invite viewers to be immersed in a dark and diffuse atmosphere, which is characteristic of their auratic and ethereal style, and conducive to daydream and meditation. 



Lukas‘ cinematic score, out on vinyl album via Last Known Trajectory, shows a strong departure from her usual electro dance productions, marking her most challenging and ambitious work to date, with densely nocturnal cold and obsessive electronic textures permeated by a sense mistery, tension and loneliness.

This release is the first in a sequence of concept releases. The series entitled… Vita.

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