Un Homme et Une Femme – EP I

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That bomb dropped in Noveber 1st! Un Homme et Une Femme published so suddenly their first EP I that I am stunned by their quality which comes straight out of the glorious French minimal electronics style. I found no further details on them, no names, no data, only a bandcamp and a souncloud account, no official site…nothing. Phone rang, “Hey man, just sent you a link that I’m sure you’re gonna love it, cheers bye“…and since then their music is stuck on repeat! Minimal electro and a little industrial oriented music, with that sexy-groovy shape, pushing you out of the chair while looking for a space to dance in the room, complete electronic songs from the upper shelf where you keep yor favorites. If you are fond of the French electronic style that refuses to hibernate in oblivion, the beloved genre that is constantly inviting more and more new comers in its shell, then this one is for you to enjoy. I only hope that this release won’t be a firework in the electronic sky but a new band’s spark that will give us the chills in time.

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written by : Loud Cities Mike