New Music : Vore Aurora ‘Envenom (STRVNGERS remix)’



It seems that the magnificent duo from Alameda/California are in no big rush to release an LP. Being active since early 2016 they have released a series of astonishing singles and a huge record of 18 remixes for their Null Plus Void song. Vore Aurora make high quality electronic music always performed with passion and a great sound. The great asset in their hands is actually their wide range in electronic music that can also please other people too that are involved in various electronic styles rather than the EBM oriented electro bliss they offer. I recommended one of their previous singles to a House dj friend of mine and he reacted like “man that’s not my style but that’s something serious here, where are they from, the song is fantastic”. Their new Envenom remix single is expanded by STRVNGERS, Canada’s alternative dark pop act whose name is already mentioned in the underground circles. The fact is that the original Envenom is a striking song enough and alone, a magnificent electro opus with the voice of A’llizabeth Barrett taking the song off to monumental heights, when Jonah Phillips’ synths and modules create the melodic and so intense sonic background to dance and believe me, dream to. STRVNGERS have a different idea on the song, and in my surprise their effort simply nailed me. They kept out some channels and replaced the missing ones with their own synths and paraphernalia delivering a more intense (yup!) and cyber electro approach, sharpened and angular on acidic break-beats, I am stunned! Before I die I wish VA will publish their long awaited LP, releasing your music single by single is not fair guys, nope, one drop of blood every couple of months is not fair to your fans, have mercy please! So, here’s the song-that-will-blow-you!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike