WL//WH Track Of The Day: TENDER TONES “Red Lovers”

Track Of The Day  Tender Tones

Parisian synth-pop duo Tender Tones, made of Manon Deruytere and Maxime Pargaud, draw a cinematic and magnetic synth-laden sound rife with contrasting moods, built on densely pulsating bass, richly bright and airy synthetic orchestration, dreamlike dual-vocals, rippled by reverb-drenched distortion, that whilst embodying all the melodic, melancholic, nostalgic and somehow uplifting qualities that have characterized the heritage of 80’s French pop, along with the narcotic and hazy elements of 90s UK shoegaze, at the same time adding extra strains of existential anxiety, unease and dread that systematically permeate nowadays life.

Latter themes permeated the lyrics of the first preview, “Red Lovers”, taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP “Youth Retirement Club”, as a desperate couple hold each other tight in a cruel world of uncertain destinies.

Steadily punchy off-tempo drum beats pulse along with alarming and flashing layers of liquid, glaring synth whirls to elicit rumbling and ominously wavering bassline, that wanders and achingly uproars at last with impending searing menace around soft breathless male/female dual vocal harmonies, whispering distant fears into the spinning angsty and excruciating whirlwind of lost dreams.

Tender Tones‘ first EP “Youth Retirement Club” is due out on November 14th, via Somewherecold Records (US) and Shore Dive Records (UK).

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