Track Of The Day: SCHMERZ “Blindead”

Track Of The Day Schmerz

‘Conceived in a conceptual way and created in a stage of depression, fear and desolation’, the debut 5-track Self-Titled EP from SCHMERZ, a dark coldwave one-man-band from Lima, has just been released, cassette and digital, through the fellow independent label Infravox Records.

Stalwart of the Peruvian underground dark music scene with acts like MonöChrome and Dreams Of Passion, musician and composer Khrome, through an wicked mixture of cold electronics and minimal synth, fully succeeds in the bold and severe attempt to be constantly fascinating, dark, and magnetic, freezing everything in a filthy, infected, enveloping aura of pain, anguish, and carnivorous darkness.

“Blindead” deals with an evil addiction that leads a man into a nightmarish world of suffering and death.

Hypnotically roiling, ominous bassline unremittingly rumble and throbs menacingly with a dangerous lush lure, fueled by pounding tight rhythms, interspersed by metallic clangs and hissing claps, and subdue droning, stiftling synths, exuding latent, and obscure energy lying behind the sinister sonic surface, into a kinetic desolating release thickens in paralyzing murky density, as deep hoarse emotionless, male vocals lustfully mutter cold distorted paralyzing darkness in an evil suffocating possession.

Next February 21, 2020, SCHMERZ will play along with Minuit Machine and Hante. at Lima‘s  Dark Minimal Love Fest III.

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