Track Of The Day: PINCH POINTS “Shibboleth”

Track Of The Day  Pinch Points

The raw and exciting up-and-coming band from the burgeoning Melbourne garage punk scene, Pinch Points debuted last summer with a blazing ‘quasi- instant classic’ cassette EP “Mechanical injuries”, injected with infectious, tense and urgent guitar-driven post-punk, simultaneously dissonant and harmonious, with nods to 80’s art-punk visionaries like Kleenex/Liliput, Wire, Talking Heads, B-52’s and Mission of Burma.

Just yesterday the 4-piece announced their upcoming first full-length “Moving Parts”, due out May 31, 2019, via Roolette Records (AU) and French label Six Tonnes de Chair (EU), and dropped the first track “Shibboleth”.

Insanely vigorous and captivating, it’s introduced by tip-toes searing guitar notes of anticipation that trigger relentless jittery and abrasive guitar riffs of striking intensity and sinuous rumbling basslines, grounded by pounding yet nimble drumming as energetic, feisty, and proud vocals interspersed with taut and defiant chorus, and punctuated by piercing guitar leads, exude anxious, heartfelt and vibrant breath that strikes straight to the heart. 

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