Track Of The Day: HEX MIDNIGHT “The Chase”

Track Of The Day Hex Midnight

Along the same lines of yesterday’s Scottish outfit, we just know that Hex Midnight is a 4-piece based out of Paris and Tours with punk and hardcore roots, comprised of Dorothée Helbert (drums and vocals), Romain Massé (guitar), Emilien Charrier (guitar) and André Kazuhiro Sansalvadore (bass, vocals and lyrics).

“Nocturn” EP is the title of their brand new four-tracker debut filled with anthemic and energetic razor-sharp guitar-fueled post-punk shots. 

Opening track “The Chase” is an urgent, invigorating burst of gut-pounding drums and thick simmering bassline injecting an underlying propulsive punk vigor that rumbles under jarring and abrasive guitar riffs interspersed with ethereal glistening chords that wind, chime and lead the way on top with epic despondent and harrowing intensity over anxious, angry vocals grappling with fear and sadness of a man running for his life, albeit aware of an unavoidable bitter fate.