Track Of The Day: СЫНЪ [gruppasyn] – “Вне себя / Out of my mind”

Track Of The Day  СЫНЪ [gruppasyn]

Created by three St. Petersburg-based friends in the winter of 2013, somehow related to some well-known local bands as The Cheshire Strangler, Supervitesse, Inverse, Lava Lite, Telephone Station (the only one I can remember, moreover the voice is unmistakable), Rave Ticket Sellers, Russian band СЫНЪ [gruppasyn] have finally released their debut EP “Стресс / Stress” through Sierpien Records.

The 4-tracker hit the right balance with a heady affecting concoction of persuasive poignantly gloomy energy and wistfully mesmerizing melodic flow through somber sparkling guitars, punchy rhythms, pulsing bass, glacial synths, and passionate dour croons, producing a refined and seductive personal take on UK 80s post-punk and new wave past. 

Elegant, beautifully poetic and moving lyrics describe the intense emotional swings felt falling in love; followed by a bitter betrayal and cynicism when it all comes crashing down.

Propulsive syncopated drumbeats woven with deep, bleak warbling bass intermittences are pierced by resounding heart-wrenching sharp guitar melodies that wail mournfully in unison with darkly dramatic impassioned baritone vocals brimming with unutterable anguish and loneliness of a wounded cold heart, sorely overflown by swathes of icy sweeping synths.

Intriguing way to introduce the band’s forthcoming first full-length.

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