Track Of The Day: GARDEN TAPES “Cold Black Eyes”

Track Of The Day  Garden Tapes

Norwegian dark psychedelic dream wave duo GARDEN TAPES based in Oslo, made up of Christian Dam and Fredrik Ness Sevendal, have just released their debut 4-track EP “Burning Cold”, Digital and soon on CD/Tape, through fellow independent label Sotron Records.

An immersive, mesmerizing and cinematic dark sound that, as the title suggests, harmoniously sculpts magnetic, frigid yet simmering emotional-ridden soundscapes, shrouded in paralyzing cold obscurity, wandering lost into the stifling and mysterious maze of an unsettled and disoriented soul, sharpened by enthralling guitar work rich in forsaken introspective nuances, replete with radiant acoustic melodies, dreamlike echoes, and spectral distortions.

Repetitive somber twangy guitar melodies resound with foreboding intensity, obsessively penetrated by piercing gasps of wailing reverberations, crashing against the numbing static of the frozen air, creating a hypnotic, narcoleptic realm drenched in dim darkness, dripping profound desolation and drama, over a glacial bleak bed of brittle rhythms and impalpable airy synth pulses, whilst haunted detached, ethereal vocals elicit calm fear and cold death, through macabre lyrics drifting between “only pale white sky” and “only cold black eyes” in shivering limbo transition.

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