Track Of The Day : DEEP CUT “No”

Track Of The Day

The long anticipated third album “Different Planet” by East London guitar band Deep Cut is finally in the homestretch, after a seven years wait it will be released on January 25, 2019 via UK label/collective Gare Du Nord Records.

Founded in 2006 by Mat Flint, guitarist of early 90’s unsung shoegaze heroes Revolver and bassist in Death In Vegas, together with his wife and vocalist Emma Bailey, featuring also Mat’s brother Simon Flinton on bass, Pad Bailey on guitar and former Death In Vegas Ian Button on drums, the band plays an infectious and heady blend of dream pop, shoegaze, jangle pop and 60’s psychedelia interspersed with krautrock and electronic elements.

The Byrds flavoured new single “No” deals with themes of self destruction, high’s and lows, and hidden desires. Both infectiously melodic and attractively restrained, an hypnotic web of sparkling shimmering jangle guitars, backed by solid drums, claps and deep bass, are beautifully illuminated by sweetly emotional ethereal vocals with undertones of anxiety and distress, loaded by sparse sprinkles of slightly fuzzy guitar chords, creating mixed feelings of euphoria and sadness, confidence and fear immersed in a hazy, dreamy, almost trance-like state, with an undertow of disturbing melancholy. Profoundly heartfelt as introspective, an alluring and fragile pop song of hope and loss.

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