WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE MAP DEPT. “Stop The Clocks”

Track Of The Day  The Map Dept.

The Map Dept. is a guitar-driven indie-rock five-piece ‘living, loving and dying in Glasgow, Scotland, which have just released their sophomore single “Stop The Clocks”. 

Somehow on the same contemplative and poignant guitar rock path of fellow contemporaries Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Twilight Sad, albeit, with distinctive ‘gaze’, post-rock, even post-punk suggestions, the band deftly craft warm, and heartfelt songs with compelling builds and sheer musicianship.

Moving and introspective, tinged with moody and atmospheric gray hues, “Stop The Clocks” harnesses its darkly emotive and profoundly stirring nature from an emotionally-charged concoction of solid drums, dense deep pulsing bass, restrained menacing distorted riffs and sharp strums, while an achingly searing reverb guitar line whines and cuts its way on top thrashing against the persistent ghosts of the past with catharsis and epic, echoing out of breath, urgently teasing vocals laced with anxiety and nostalgia, pondering on his hopeless relationship, draining in an unpassionate way, unceasingly on the precipice of breaking down. “Please to meet you” his lust-filled voice whispers of desire, suddenly the subdued yet tense climax smolders with pent-up intensity, the rhythms grow in urgency, the bass throbs ominously, and the bristling guitar lead soars skywards in a swirling haze of excruciating and mesmerizing effect, unleashing the inner demons in an emphatic and fervid crescendo of release.

That unmistakable Glasgow’s attitude…

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