The Blue Playlist…electronic daze dissolve into the ether.

THe Blue Playlist


Here is the Blue Playlist, where electronic circuits control the matrix. That matrix of our dystotian world where we need to dream and imagine a better world and struggle to bring it on. Where we anxiously survive on a planet so beautiful and mistreated by the most arrogant and aggressive of all species, the Human Beast. Put on your topees, fasten your seat belts, we take off to a better avatar away from all that fungus, feel the engines’ power and say good bye, here we go!


Iconic EBM futurist architect Tom Shear and the Seattle’s titanic Assemblage 23 with Endure, turn it loud!



From Seattle again we are thrust by Watch Clark, future-pop electro nailed New Revision!



Me and a Box cover Fad Gadget, The Box….think outside the box! Synth-wave of high quality!



Electro-pop to dance the night away with L.A.’s own A Million Machines and the Ultraflesh!



Always loved VNV Nation and the monumental electronica they offer, let’s go Off Screen!



Spoken word by poet Equinox with prototype music by Feral Five for him, “that life has fulfilled my every wish, I could die only feeling the pain of your Kiss




Portland’s We Are Parasols let an astonishing record out there. Industrial gazed, electronic and guitar amplified. The story of the LP is a concept on a hideous dystopia, and here is for you but please read the lyrics too!



Minimal wave from Mexico! Cutey song designed to enjoy a soft drink on the bridge of our spaceship, Interstellar Stories my friend, We Will Go To Mars!



We Premiered here in WL//WH the LP of that extraordinary French aerodynamics sonic constructor Astrobal. Let’s tune in again to the lead single which features Laetitia Sadier and head to Australasie!



Paris, Hante. is synthetic, cold, melodic and mixing nagging darkwave with striking electronics, the fine art of synth wave to Eternite!



And here are the pioneering and astonishing Covenant, a band of the highest value and the most of respect I Close My Eyes!



L’AvenirWhat Happened To Yesterday,  reworked in the hands of MAKiNA GiRGiR!



Un Homme Et Une Femme, French Cosmopolis minimal electro!



Sine Silex with Kriistal Ann, minimal wave Modeliste.



New retro wave style by Ray Gun Hero from Boston, synthetic Midnight Angel!



Last an electronic pop song by Symbion Project, a good work with great sound, Bloodthirsty-Full Blown remix!


Play music non-stop/ sonic thread by Loud Cities Mike