The Black Playlist…Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart.

The Black Playlist


December blows the wind of change….serious now, December needs no wings or change, December needs a good cognac,an amplifier of X watts, the bass dude, Keith Moon in the bar, a rockin’ personality on the mic, you, me, the poor, and all that scent in the air “boss will fire me, I feel fine”. Here’s the first of a playlist series that WL//WH will offer to the readers, we are in a dusty garage now, turn it loud dear mistress, cure the heart!

From Australia come Mere Women, garage amplified gang of four that rocks Is This Real?



Neat stop, Kiev Ukraine with On The Wane who released a striking record just a couple of weeks ago, one of the best in 2017, Human Race!



Australia again, Spirit Valley Dileria Hysteria, Spanish label Monasterio De Cultura, punk rock fresh like beer!



Atlanta, Georgia (US), Pylon Reenactment Society rock the garage and shout about the Feast On My Heart!



New Today (US) released a stunning new single two days ago, Grin It Bear It, post-punk with a character!



Scotland’s The Decrees sound with the energy and edge of punk but with the catchy hooks and choruses found in pop, West Sierra!



Toronto, Canada, post-punk deathrock oriented drowned in synths September Death and Hell Night!



Jenn Vix from Rhode Island (US), the multi instrumentalist, the chanteuse with the winning voice, here with Nerve a fantastic tune!



Canada, British Columbia, and here are Night People playing great post-punk which is More Than Rust!



Here we are, Minneapolis (US) with Autumn, gothic rock, reincarnated old school style and wait until their LP comes out in early 2018, for now here’s The Fall!



Florida, the astonishing Push Button Press cover Sisters Of Mercy!



Listen to that! Black Needle Noise with Ana Breton who is best known as a member of the NYC-based shoegaze dreampop trio Dead Leaf Echo, And Nothing Remains!



Athens GR, darkwave manifest by ROAD 377, Hills Of Nihil, fantastic!



The Veldt from N.Y. (US) with a striking shoegaze creation that surprised me like hell, Black and Blue!



Los Angeles’ Midnight Cure and Warsaw Pact (song 1) shook me in it’s post-punk genius, no joke the song is dusty!



CUP play really loud, really loud, and really loud! This is Little Hiccup and they are from N.Y. too!

Music selected by Loud Cities Mike