Some nice tunes for you to enjoy in the weekend 11-12 November 2017, collected by Loud Cities Mike

Lucky + Love have a brand of dark-electro pop that is in a league of it’s own, the LA’s two have mastered the art of live drumming, looping and monophonic solos.

Who says that you shouldn’t meet your heroes? Ummagma did and the result is a stunning remix that also acts as the lead single for their forthcoming ‘LCD’ EP. A new version with added guitars by Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie, remixed by Dean Garcia (SPC ECO)

Frankie Rose‘s cover on the legendary anthem by The Cure, electro-noise gaze with a great respect to the original

A Million Machines from Silver Lake, CA consists of producer/multi-instrumentalist MIG (The New Room) and singer Fate Fatal (The Deep Eynde/Kittens for Christian). Dance to their electronic bliss!

Vive la France eloctronique! An astonishing EP I by that mysterious duo, elegant, raw, sexy minimal-electro!

Promo single from upcoming album by that extraordinary post-punk team that matched when Two One Six met Casuistry!!! Turn it Loud!!!

Brookly, NY, gloom/garage creepcore…dream trash…a David Lynch garage sale!!! 68creep are haunting you!!!

A Shoreline Dream’s shoegaze tune is a bass-driven, goth influenced dance number from vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Policky.

Loveless Death Scene from LA, Calofornia is the moniker of another talented guy, this is Carlos J. Ruiz III who just played all instruments and did the vocals too, and he damn rocks!!!

Argentina’s EBM / industrial / dark noise electronic female producer GOLPE EROTICO ”Subconsciente Secreto”, fetish, groovy, dark delights!!!

Sweden’s Fopmusic constantly reaching the sky line…electronic, alternative, pop from the upper shelf!!!

Sacramence explores the darkness of humanity through the subjects of religion, existence, and sexuality “time eases the edge of grief“. Witch House oriented Dark Wave!!!

…from Australia where everything is different, Sydney’s Dark Wave Buzz Kull!!!

Sweden again, Then Comes Silence with Strangers in my head and smash my mind, old tune, fresh post punks, astonishing groove!!!

And finally rest our ears from that sonic storm…this is Hologram Teen by ex-Stereolab keyboardist Morgane Lhote, unique!!!

Gems collected by Loud Cities Mike