Review : TOPOGRAPHIES : “Pink Thoughts”



TOPOGRAPHIES, the next big thing in the Shoegaze scene today’  by Fernando Rivera Rodríguez.

The Revival of the Shoegaze style continues its non-stop and fastly way than never before with the arrival of new bands and proposals. They are mantaining live the true spirit of the 90s Shoegaze with their own tastes and influences looking always at the future. As the world changes constantly, due to the new technologies and the ever closer communication and interaction between us, Music also does. In this context we can find bands that, with a smash debut single, can impress us pleasantly and feel that they are showing us a great potential and many expectations for what they will do soon in a debut album. Personally, that happened to me with the superb band PINKSHINYULTRABLAST in 2015 and since there I´m a big fan of them. This time I´m very happy and proud to have found TOPOGRAPHIES, a new band with all the elements, strategies and tools that can turn it into a super band. When I was investigating deeply, I realized that this was not casual, all the members have a great musical base because of their previous experience in other groups … now they have joined forces to create a new and amazing project.

TOPOGRAPHIES are a four-piece band conformed by Gray Tolhurst, Jérémie Rüest, Justin Oronos and Lauren Grubb coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The members also formed great bands like COO COO BIRDS (Gray), LAVENDER BLUSH (Jérémie), SOLIP (Justin) and MINIPOP (Lauren).

It´s important to note that the frontman GRAY TOLHURST is son of LAURENCE TOLHOURST, founder member of THE CURE…the talent comes from family, great news!. When I listened “Pink Thoughts”, the awesome debut single from TOPOGRAPHIES, it blew my mind and I fell in love instantly. The song is a rich and a magic blend of 80s New Wave, 80-90s Dream-Pop, 90s Shoegaze, 90s Alternative Music, and 70s Post-Punk. The band have been wise enough to bring it to the next level with their contribution towards a more epic andheroic 2000s sound. The theme starts with volatile, gloomy and shimmering guitars crossing in the space to create a Dream-Pop and Shoegaze aura Then they explode to provocate a compelling and dynamic sound full of ethereal echoes and overwhelming voices…a radiant, colorful and intense tune as real as life itself!. We can discover a wide range of influences like SLOWDIVE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, RIDE, PALE SAINTS, SPIREA X, THE HOUSE OF LOVE, ADORABLE, THE CHARLATANS, CHAPTERHOUSE, JOY DIVISION, THE CURE, THE CHAMELEONS, PINKSHINYULTRABLAST, THE MARY ONETTES, FEVER DREAM, TENNIS SYSTEM, IS BLISS, NOTHING, AIR FORMATION, etc.

Great to know that TOPOGRAPHIES will play at Part Time Punks, Los Angeles, CA. on September 2018 next to the lovely band PINKSHINYULTRABLAST.

Let´s surrender and melt our hearts with the enchanting and unforgettable “Pink Thoughts”.

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  1. Fernando Rivera 13th April 2018