Review: Phantoms Vs Fire ”Swim” LP

Review  Phantoms Vs Fire

We listen to music with an open mind and with open ears, therefore allow us to present you a magnificent electronic album which is not dark or grey or pounding but has that tremendous sense of composing with colors and sounds and instruments and sonic fields! Introducing Phantoms vs Fire the solo project of Italy-based Brazilian multi-artist Thiago C. Desant. Both a composer and graphic artist, Desant focuses on melodies that incorporate traditional musical instruments, synthesizers, and orchestral arrangements. On January 19 he published his new Swim LP on Hypersoma Records, an 11 track album of electronic music in chillwave mood, very wide musically and very cinematic too. You see, all tracks are instrumental and written by a very good musician who’s also a graphic artist, and these facts led him to imagine and dress his art in a quite and a certain interactive way. You can actually “see” his musings like you “heard” the artwork on the front cover which is his. He is a sound perfectionist in the Philip Glass-style and a deep and serious orchestrator as Ryuichi Sakamoto’s musical adventures, and on the other hand, he keeps his feet on Earth’s ground strongly and follows his instinct when writing music (electronic mention) and while he arranges it. Have a first taste of the title track where the synthesizers rule the music along with the other instruments (or midis) which take a serious part in.

In the whole of the LP, he uses complex rhythmic devices with lush orchestral parts to create an ambiance of tranquil introspection, mostly suited for late night stargazing. Sometimes though, he’s a perfect narrator in situations of the mind and the personality, like he has something in mind and chooses the musical art to express. For example, try Nightmares And Dreams!

Starfish and The Beach House are also two more tracks in a similar approach, and as you understand now Desant’s music works as a soundtrack too, as a singular music story where each track is accordingly arranged and as we all expect from musicians like him, with a really de-luxe and well-polished production. What makes this album unique though is the perfect sense of the sonic cadence, the tempo of the record, the ongoing groove in all its tracks which gives a very pleasant feeling of continuity and aesthetic balance. Here, you may listen the whole Swim LP and choose your track, you’ll be the most pleased with its value!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike