WL//WH Album Review Makthaverskan III

Teenage lust, fresh and furious! Makthaverskan from Gothenburg/Sweden releases their new 10 track Ill LP on October 20 via Luxury/Run For Cover Records, a very sexy rockin’ record that will give you the chills! The Swedish band, hailing from the capital, has released two lp’s and few singles so far, and they sound as if their young blood is still running wild. They actually play guitar-pop music blending it with nervous post-punk drops and it all ends up to an indie/alternative pop narrative. Makthaverskan sounds jaunty in all their sleaziness while they are obviously talented in writing good, catchy riffs and singing angelic from hell vocal melodies that can hook you. Maja Milner is a skilled singer who actually throws that special scent over their songs, listen!

The band name has no real meaning and singer Maja states “the band name just came from a friend who made it up, and we thought it sounded cool, so we took it. The meaning is really hard to describe in English, but it’s the female form of someone with a lot of power”. Superpower pop music urging to delight Sweden’s youth in the woods. They make that wonderful indie music for themselves, singing for their likes, dislikes and dreams and hopes. But if it all seems a little naive to you, consider that they’re young, so talented, and they just play pop! The next song ‘In My Dreams’ is an accurate example of their desires and the song from the lp that nailed me!

It’s a fantastic record beyond all mainstream pipes which really deserves its space. So, if you are keen on alternative music to go check this album, it’s for your amusement!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike