Premiere : ASTROBAL – Memories Of Stars EP feat. Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab)

PREMIERE  Astrobal

We’re happy to Premiere the new Memories of Stars EP of Emmanuel Mario‘s moniker Astrobal that features ex-Stereolab singer Laetitia Sadier! The German label Karaoke Kalk released few hours ago the new sonic “experiment” of the French producer Emma Mario, well known to the alternative and electronic fans for his work on some of the most edgy artists of France, Laetitia SadierArnaud Fleurent-Didier, Holden, Institut, Monade, Hyperclean and Iko Chérie to name a few. A very busy guy who has produced several albums of the French chanteuse including the latest ‘Find Me Finding You‘ album from Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble and has also toured as part of the Ensemble and sometimes even opening the show as Astrobal. So,  being both acustomed to each other’s music is no surprise that she appears on vocals and lyrics in the opening track and lead single Australasie with the video filmed by Patrice Courtillat adapted in the whole astral aesthetics of the record, here it is…

Memories of Stars is way more cosmic and utopian than the previous releases of Astrobal, with more stardust and the same French electronic-pop sonic credentials, groovy when needed, dreamy and lazy soared in space, like Emma Mario was occupied in a kaleidoscope with all his synths and engines trying to decode the sounds and all things he observed while ending on a very pleasant outcome. The EP shows the stunning inspiration of our man, who arranged a record like a captain draws his course. It sounds like all tracks were programmed how to reach the final station, Australasie 2, the “landing”, only 1:39 tune in which the crew says goodbye to the zealous cabine! But before that, the music will lift you in its cosmic tunes like in Australasie and put you in its starlight grooves like in Belle come la nuit where electro shifts to pop, designed and arranged for dancing before Emma Mario puts you in the psychedelic astral trip of Tangerine Dream. The opus of the record with fills and clears of the most elegant and smooth taste, where sonic sci-fi features interact with electronic beats like flashes from a distant constellation that come like warm waves, a magnificent track! I leave you to discover alone the rest of the delights of the EP by the wonderful title Memories of Stars, which delivers a spiritual and scientific information about the universe as if engaged in a shamanic incantation. Here’s the record!

All tracks written, performed and produced by Emmanuel Mario
Lyrics on ‘Australasie‘ written by Laetitia Sadier
Bass guitar on ‘Australasie ft. Laetitia Sadier’ by Arnaud Fleurent Didier
Acoustic guitar on ‘Tangerine Dream‘ by Jens Bosteen
Album photographer Louis Décamps


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Written by Loud Cities Mike


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