WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – Sept/October #39-21

  • Essen, Germany indie rock /darkwave /gothic rock / dark folk artist (Aeon Sable, Melanculia, Deied, hgmr), Nino Sable “ULTIMA ESTACION – EL UNDERGROUND” new single                                                         

The Aeon Sable frontman drops his usual monthly soloist single, infused with his poetic, solemn and at the same time refined dark songwriting, imbued with romanticism, drama and evocative edge. An urgent and dizzying gothic rock dance, where storming tight rhythms, flocks of swirling keyboards and glittering, ringing guitar lines soar adding further hazy magniloquent breaths into his anxious restless vocalizations, escaping, haunted with unbridled passion, into the freedom, love, and healing of “El Underground.”

  • New Wave /Post-Punk /Noise duo based in London, VENUS IN NOISE “No More” second single

The ongoing sonic sequel of London based noise rock duo Venus In Noise continues in the brand new single release “No More” that is partially different from their debut “Dream” single last February with the basics being here again; Hypnotic and sensual singer/ lyricist Venus Gee to be battling with the sonic storms of Pablo Cassadey’s that weave a delightful haze of noise rock post-punk music. Two striking singles in a few months so far and WL//WH can’t wait for a complete record release either it will be an EP or LP, we think we desperately need it!!! [Written by Mike D]

  • Lisbon, Portugal post-punk /darkwave project of She Pleasures HerSelf frontman Nuno Varudo, The Paper Road “Wish Me Well” first single from the upcoming album “Sad Songs & Quarantine” on Icy Cold Records

Another frontman that seems to know his alluring trade in how to balance subtle gothic ripples, psychedelic reverberant mesmerism, vibrant, wistful post-punk moodiness, and new wave enveloping synth flourishes, into the crepuscular and decadent brand new single, with lyrics steeped in melancholy and introspection, streaked with atmospheric keyboards that expand and sway with nostalgic warmth, plunging into the glittering electric dizziness of painful guitars, while intense and deep singing oozes pathos, yet also eternal anguish to breathe the final dying wish into a disintegrating tragedy of love, “Wish Me Well.”

  • Danish neo-folk project started by Kim Larsen in 1998, OF THE WAND & THE MOON “NOTHING FOR ME HERE” single on Tesco Organisation
  • UK ambient /ethereal /dream pop /dark wave artist Anne Marie “Into The Light” from the upcoming Maxisingle “In Deep Waters” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Berlin-based Post-punk/ Coldwave/ Dark-Ambient/ Darkwave solo project of German artist Anna Nin (fka None), GLARING “Vanth” from the upcoming album “Nebula” via Peripheral Minimal Records (Vinyl 12″) and Wave Tension Records (Tape)
  • Tirana, Albania based dark electronic /coldwave duo, I Tpame I Tvrame “Superficial” from the upcoming album “II” on Diffuse Reality / Periphylla                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Metz, France electro/new wave/coldwave/darkwave duo Hanging Gardens “Paradoxe” (Single)
  • Tallinn, Estonia coldwave/darkwave/noir synth electronic project of Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones ”Ashes Indigo” from the upcoming new album “Bending The Iron Bough” via COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Swedish dark wave /post-punk /shoegaze band PINK MILK ”Everything Must Die” last single from the upcoming album “Ultraviolet”
  • Bristol, UK darkwave /synthpop project of Alastair Power & Alice Sheridan, aka STRANGE FUTURES “Visitor” second single
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba dark synthpop duo GHOST TWIN “Candle” single on Artoffact Records
  • Detroit, Michigan Dark Electronic /Deathgaze duo Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm, VAZUM “Frankenstein Gurl” (Single) from upcoming Halloween album “Unrated V”.
  • Gothenburg, Sweden goth post-punk band Novitjok “Permanent” from the debut album “Alarma”
  • Post-Punk /Coldwave band from Indonesia, COLDVVAVE “The Touches of Disappearing Things (feat. OM ROBO)” (Single)
  • Independent Post-Punk project from Chile, 8i8 “Número Doce” (Single)
  • Omaha, Nebraska goth rock /darkwave project of Dylan Warrick, aka Visitor Information “The Dream Is Dead” title track from the new EP “The Dream Is Dead”
  • Spanish synthwave/darkwave/post-punk project from Málaga, Indice de Inviernos ”Hasta el final” from 2-track single “Cristal”
  • Anaheim, Ca post-punk /gothic rock /deathrock band Vision of the Void “Carpe Noctem” from the debut EP “Promise of Escape”
  • Brazilian darkwave/gothic rock band from Fortaleza, Plastique Noir “Asleep In The Night Train” from the upcoming album “Iskuros” on Wave Records
  • Seattle-based post-punk /synth-pop /darkwave project lead by Los Angeles-born experienced musician Tony D’Oporto, Suffering For Kisses “Tonight” from the mini-album “Love and Demise”
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band formed in 1991, IKON “King of Terror (2021 single remix)” originally the first track on the 2001 album ‘On the Edge of Forever’
  • San Antonio, TX goth rock/post-punk trio In a Darkened Room “Sleep Again” single
  • London, UK darkwave /goth post-punk project of Fabio Hattock, COLUMBARIUM STATION – “The Shadow Has Been Cast” single
  • Netherlands psych /gothic rock project Alice Deeper “Thrown Away My Face” (2021 remix)
  • Chilean dark psychedelic/dream pop/post-punk/shoegaze trio SEATEMPLES “Weltschmerz [album edit]” from “Weltschmerz” Maxi-Single
  • Paris based post-punk /coldwave project of Leonid Diaghilev, aka TOUT DEBORD “Rester là” title track from the cassette EP “Rester là” on Detriti Records
  • Melbourne based ‘bratwave’ duo (formerly Heat Wave) featuring Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt, Hearts and Rockets “Square Eyes” from upcoming EP “TV is Boring” via Psychic Hysteria.
  • Montreal, Québec new wave /post-punk / art-rock 4-piece BLUE NUIT “Météore” new single from forthcoming sophomore LP “Métal” on October Tone Records
  • Italian kraut-punk /new wave /post-punk trio from Pordenone/Milan, TV Dust “Good For you” from 6-track cassette EP “Beep” on Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni
  • Melbourne‘s synth wave /post-punk four-piece Screensaver “Buy / Sell / Trade” from upcoming LP “Expressions Of Interest” on Heavy Machinery (AU) and Upset the Rhythm (UK) Records.
  • Turkish darkwave /post-punk duo based in Istanbul, DUCTAPE “Sevmiyor” from upcoming LP “Araf” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Hamburg, Germany lo-fi /NDW /dark wave /post-punk solo project of Bender, aka The Angry Silence “He Cracked” from s/t album
  • Stockholm, Sweden coldwave /post-punk band SATELLITSTAT “Iron Curtain” from “Going East” cassette EP on Detriti Records
  • Argentina‘s industrial /post-punk /darkwave project Hypocrypts – “Sweet” (Single)                                             
  • Melbourne-based post-punk /synth-punk duo (members of Chrome Dome, Brando’s Island, Romero and Eyesores), Laughing Gear “The Wheel” from the LP “Freak Lemons” on Heavy Machinery Records and Limbic Rays.
  • Mexican post-punk /minimal-synth project of Erick Arevalo, El Ojo y la Navaja “Lunacy Lunacy” from the album “Extimidad”
  •  Indianapolis, Indiana coldwave /darkwave /minimal synth act SQUARE HOLLOW “Singularity” from the EP “Collapsed World”
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial /EBM /electro producer and one half of Schulverweis, Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. “Smell Of Metal” from upcoming “Salz” LP on Mannequin Records
  • French post-punk /synthpop /new beat /electro /synthwave duo FONTAINE SMC – “Another Day Another End” from upcoming “I was a soldier” EP 12″ on Raw Culture
  • Toronto‘s EBM /industrial /darkwave /dark electronic project by ex-Crystal Castles drummer and producer Cam Findlay, aka KONTRAVOID “Faceless” title track from the forthcoming album “Faceless”
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth wave project DAS KINN “Stirn reicht ins Genick” from “Die Knochen” 10″ EP on Ichi Ichi and Mangel Records
  • Detroit, Mi electronic /post-punk /industrial /synth-pop project COMFORT CURE “Hands Of Stone” (Single)
  • Parisian dark electro wave duo Minuit Machine “Don’t Run From The Fire – Live” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl live album “Sainte Rave” on Synth Religion
  • Coldwave /Synth-pop solo project of the London/Berlin artist Raquel Torre, aka Lacquer “Quiet Comfort” single
  • Canadian new wave /post-punk /darkwave /synthpop 4-piece from Vancouver B.C, ACTORS “Obsession” from the new album “Acts of Worship” ​out now on Artoffact Records
  • Paris, French post-punk /coldwave duo of Gregg Anthe & Emmanuell.D, aka Morthem Vlade Art – “Me and Coltrane” from the new album “Hard Logic” released together with “Quirky Dance Memory” LP
  • Berlin-based synthwave /electro-pop music project of Cult Club and Sixth June’s Serbian artist Laszlo Antal, DIESEIN “Sophia” from the limited cassette sophomore album “Even the best are the worst “
  • Canadian New Wave / Dark Wave / Synth-pop band from Montreal, Scene Noir “Foreign Stranger” from the album “Telegraph” on Velouria Recordz
  • Canadian dark electro /synthpop /coldwave /post-punk band from Montreal, LA MÉCANIQUE “Avenc” from the upcoming album ” L’oubli des Origines” on Cold Transmission Music.
  • Mexican pioneer 3-piece band of electronic music formed in 1985 in Tijuana, Artefacto – “Mundo Sin Viento” (1989) from V/A “Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop 19801989” on Dark Entries Records
  • Oakland, Ca shoegaze /noise pop /dream pop duo The Acharis “Jesus Thrill” from the upcoming LP “Blue Sky/Grey Heaven” on Cranes Records / Zum Media
  • Amsterdam-based EBM /darkwave /synthpunk project Hollow Reflection “Завод” from upcoming debut s/t album
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia electro /dark disco /coldwave /darkwave DJ-producer Morze “In This Night” from the LP “Music For Making Love And War” on his own Oberwave Records
  • Paris-based Swedish dream pop /synthwave /synthpop singer-songwriter Jotta Hautanen, aka YOTA “Runaway” single on NewRetroWave Records
  • Charlottesville, Virginia ethereal darkwave /dreamwave solo project of Alethea Leventhal, Ships in the Night – ”First Light (Primordial Mix)” single on Cleopatra Records
  • Paris-based dreamy synth-pop project of Matthieu Roche, aka FRAGRANCE. ”Covered In Gold” off of the upcoming album “Salt Water” on Synth Religion
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “A World With No Religions” single
  • Los Angeles based dark electronic pop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) & Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), BLAKLIGHT “World” off upcoming debut LP “Into The Void”
  • Las Vegas-based industrial /EBM /goth /electronic /darkwave Mexican solo project Fairy Pussy “Divine” (Single)
  • The Hague, Netherland Old-School Electronic Body Music project of Willem Witte, Pantser Fabriek “Proceed with Caution” from “V.A. #02” compilation on Tropical Goth Records
  • Madrid-based German EBM /dark electronic music project of veteran DJ-producer Daniel Holc, aka ASCII.DISKO “SELBSTAUFGABE” from upcoming LP “Todos los conciertos, todas las noches, todo vacío”
  • Italian darkwave band from Naples, Neila Invo – “Larvae (Suzi Sabotage REMIX)”
  • Danish new wave /post-punk trio from Copenhagen, The Foreign Resort “Send Your Heart to the Riot (Creux Lies Remix)” from upcoming “OutRemixed” album on Artoffact
  • Industrial Hybrid Music project of Karloz M., MANUFACTURA “WITH FERVENT RESURGENCE” from the new LP “Nothing Foretells Tomorrow” on Crunch Pop
  • Paris dark electronic synth project of James Kent aka Perturbator ”Excess (She Past Away cover)” from “Excess” EP
  • Boston new darkwave /synthwave /electronic music collaboration between longtime conspirators Reuben Bettsak and Bo Barringer (Future Carnivores, Emerald Comets, Guillermo Sexo), EX-HYENA “Nightmare Pills” new single via Hush Club Ltd.
  • Paris, French post-punk/coldwave duo of Gregg Anthe & Emmanuell.D, aka Morthem Vlade Art – “Staring at the Sun” from the new album “Quirky Dance Memory” released together with “Hard Logic” LP
  • Russian lo-fi /post-punk /soviet-wave /coldwave one-man band from Moscow, Воздух Окраин [Vokrain] “дно” from the new single “сон/дно”
  • Mexico City synthpop /post-punk /new wave/ ‘post wave’ band, THE ETERNAL NOW “Promises”                                                 
  • Brussels, Belgium romantic post-punk band Factheory – “Désormais” first single from the new EP “3Sand1D”
  • Mount Victoria, Australia experimental electronic solo project of Mitchell Jones from trailblazing post/industrialists Scattered Order, The little hand of the faithful “Rattle Can” from the cassette album “The world needs referees”


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