WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – July #27-21

  • Italian darkwave /coldwave solo project Hans Backovic, KRUR “Anima” (Single)

Italian dark synthetic project based in Piedmont from Hans Backovic, under his KRUR alias, is back with a new single of both frozen and enveloping depressive coldwave, quite different from the experimental, obscure and cinematic ambient territories explored about 4 years ago. An eerie blend of a dangerous crawling bass line, icy, sinister deserted synth strains, mechanical scattered slashing beats, and haunted layered baritone male vocals fade, float, and echo, plunging deep into the barren wasteland from the pitch-black darkness of a soul.

  • Seattle, WA dream pop /new wave /post-punk solo project WISTERIA “Young Love” new single

New dancing and captivating single from Seattle denizen with his refined alchemy of melodic nostalgic synthpop, swirling cold wave and glassy neon-lit vaporwave. Bittersweet melodies mix lonely glinting meandering along with icily twinkling, wistful synth chords with percolating groovy bass oscillations and heart-skipping backbeats to carry sad, impassioned male vocals into a shattered twilight of dreams.

  • Lisbon, Portugal minimal wave/post-punk /darkwave project started in 2014 by Carlos Magalhães and Virgilio Santos, aka The Dreams Never End “Rosas Negras” first single from the upcoming album “Palco dos Desencontros” scheduled for release in September 2021 via the label Anti-Demos-Cracia

Lisbon-based duo announce the upcoming new album with their distinctive gloom and dramatic, at the same time elegant and romantic dark wave sound. Cut through by dry, sharp rhythms, and haunted by throbbing, dirging bassline, cold and sharp flurries of synth swathes to pierce the grievous shadows engulfed in the nocturnal emotive moods of intense disquieted male vocals observing the tragic beauty of a soul lost to dark memories.

  • London, UK experimental /electronic /psych /post-punk project of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead (Raime / Blackest Ever Black) as well as long time collaborator and percussionist visionary Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga / Vanishing Twin), aka MOIN “No to Gods, No to Sunsets” from the album “Moot!” on AD 93
  • Glasgow, UK based ambient /psychedelic /post-punk project of Matthew Rochford, aka Abrasive Trees “Now You Are Not Here (featuring Jo-Beth Young)” from the “Now You Are Not Here” 7″ EP
  • New York ambient /darkwave collaboration between The Harrow’s Frank Deserto (aka Frankie Teardrop), Swedish artist Natalie Kocsis, along with multi-media artist Joan Pope (Temple Ov Saturn), Buried Things + The Whip Angels – “Buried Things” from “Buried Things” EP
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia ethereal /darkwave /post-punk band Сумеречный Сад “Волны волн” (Single)
  • Medellín, Colombia darkwave /minimal synth solo project Ofelia Ortodoxa “Bloody Woman”                           
  • Tirana, Albania based dark electronic /coldwave duo, I Tpame I Tvrame “Feeding Off Each Other” from the upcoming album “II” on Diffuse Reality / Periphylla Series                                                                                     
  • Los Angeles, CA minimal electronic /synth wave artist ERLEEN NADA – ‘Aztec Dreams” from the in-progress collection of weekly new tracks for the month of July 2021, “Rough Cuts”
  • Ratingen, Germany leftfield synthpop /post-punk band Die Fische – “From Machine To Machine” from the vinyl 12″ reissue of the private pressed 1986 album “Eine Nacht in Cairo” on Bureau B
  • Swiss experimental/NDW/coldwave/minimal wave/synthpunk side-project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Unsichere Räume (Unsafe Spaces)” new single
  • Berlin-based dark electronic music duo of Lee and Michal Laudarg aka NNHMN [Non-Human Persons] “Perigee Syzygy” from the new EP “Tomorrow’s Heroine”
  • Ukrainian synthpop /minimal synth solo project from Odesa, Burevisnyk “Oldschool” (made by Protiw)
  • French coldwave /post-punk /darkwave duo My Hanging Gardens ” People Theatre S Circle Mix (Peter Rainman)”                                                                                                                                                                 
  • The Hague-based synthpop /darkwave producer Alina Valentina – “Sick Of You” off upcoming V/A “WEUSEDTOGOOUTTOPARTIES” [Lo Fidelity] and also part of her self-released debut album ‘Works and Days’           
  • Ukraine’s electronic angst pop duo ACEDIA “Slaughterous Game” from the Split album with Kojoohar and Acclimate on Khatacomb
  • The Hague, Netherlands new wave /synth-punk /post-punk duo BADTIME “Bunker” from debut EP “Badtime vol.1”
  • Sacramento, Ca minimal /darkwave /coldwave solo project of John Anton Malinowskj, EX-HEIR “No Motion/No Sleep” from 2-track single “Trite Inferno”
  • Metz, France couscous-synthpunk /tajine-synthwave solo project of Algerian origin, Tune Zitoune “Couloir Rouge” from the album “Comme par hasard”
  • Australian ambient /industrial /darkwave /dark electronics artist from Melbourne, QUELL “Degenerate” from upcoming EP “Endless” on DERO Arcade
  • Colombia EBM /industrial /dark electronic music project by Anthony Said, EIN SIR “Die Regierung belügt uns ( VI)” from “Einige Übel” album on Nevel Records
  • Paris / Barcelona synth post-punk /darkwave act DES ÂMES LIBRES – “Talk About This”
  • Russian experimental /post-industrial /post-punk project of Nastia Reigel from St. Petersburg, ROSA DAMASK “We Should Disappear” from the LP “Memorials” on DKA
  • Moscow, Russia experimental/coldwave /synth one-man-band by the vocalist from In a Lonely Place, Michael Omelchuck, Пожар [Pohzar] “Дрожь” title track from the new EP “Дрожь”
  • Ohio post-punk /darkwave trio Child Of Night “Unafraid” from upcoming LP “The Walls At Dawn” on Wave Records / Play Alone
  • Italian darkwave band from Naples, Neila Invo – “Larvae” second single
  • New York goth-rock /post-punk /new wave “Rock-Nouveau” solo project of Joseph DeMichele, aka Shelley’s Lullaby “Revelation” (Single)
  • San Francisco‘s dark folk /goth rock solo project of former front-woman of ’90s Goth band Sunshine Blind, Caroline Blind “Lost (feat. Rich W of The Wake)” (Single)
  • Netherlands dark wave /post-punk /krautrock band from Utrecht, CYMBALINE “Mean Bobby” from the cassette EP “Singles” on Young & Cold Records.
  • London, UK new wave /post-punk project led by James Burgess, STATIC PALM “The Wheel of Love”                         
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico post-punk/coldwave/synthwave trio (formerly Loss Of Breath), STILL YEARS “CQ (If I Had Met You After You Met Me)” new single                                                                                                     
  • San Francisco‘s post-punk /dream pop /synthpop outfit fronted by of Grass Widow bassist Hannah Lew aka COLD BEAT “See You Again” (Single) from upcoming “War Garden”                                                                   
  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk/New Wave/Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “Wounds of Love” off of the forthcoming album “A Way Forward”
  • Khmelnytskiy, Ukraine synthpop /post-punk /synthwave duo Death Rate A Politics ‘по голове’ new single       
  • Late ’80s Belgian EBM duo The Force Dimension “Tension (Red Version)” from 12″ vinyl remastered EP collection “Feel The Tension” on Optimo Music Archiv
  • Rockford, IL dark synth /synthpop /synthwave project Shadows and Mirrors “Judas 21” from the album “Clones” on Electric Dream Records
  • East-European synth wave solo project based in Prague, NEVER SOL “LEON oiltank reverb remix by GAEX” from “LEON” EP
  • Liverpool, UK darkwave /witch house /industrial /magick musician MONOMOR✞E “Don’t Fade Away” new single
  • Los Angeles-based goth dark electro duo of Cassandra Vincent and Philip Peters, Light Shadows “People Don’t Believe (Light Shadows shadow mix)”
  • London, UK based post-punk trio Sanctuary of Praise “Ethereal” from the upcoming cassette debut album “Hours” on INFOrmatiON!
  • Providence, Rhode Island post-punk 4-piece DIGITAL “With You” from new EP           
  • Melbourne, Australia goth rock /death pop trio fronted by Steven Schnorrer (Locust Revival/Pleasure Symbols etc.), HORRIBLE “Living In An Age Of Hopelessness” via Future Babe Records
  • Philly‘s dark post-punk goth rocker (FKA Lord Travvis), NIGHT RITUAL “Away” from upcoming vinyl 12″/cassette debut album “U N B E C O M I N G”
  • Burlington, Vermont goth /surf /post-punk brother duo Beneath Black Waves “Beachside Burial” from debut s/t EP
  • Italian Darkwave /Post-Punk one-man band from Villa Latina, IC2 “Dead Of Night” (Single)
  • Monterrey, Mexico industrial/darkwave/gothic rock trio DELIVERANCE “White Room” from the upcoming LP “Astral”
  • Perm, Russia dark wave /post-punk side-project of Konstantin Ostrovsky (Kondratie and Toska Po Domu), црквь “лаю/кусаю” from debut s/t EP
  • Colombian post-punk solo project Píldora Letal “Presagio” (Single)
  • Russian indie /shoegaze / new wave /post-punk band from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] “Фазы” new single
  • Mexican Post-Punk Gothic Band Schrödinger “Bloody Eyes (Live)” from the new EP “Live From Hell” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Atlanta-based funk/synth-pop/post-punk/new wave solo project STRANDED “Hesitation” from the upcoming LP “Midnight Sun” on Double Phantom Records
  • Vancouver, BC post-punk trio PURITANS “Blank State” from the new S/T EP
  • Salt Lake City, Utah dark post-punk band Division Of Doubt “Chalkline” 2-track sophomore single
  • Berlin-based noise-rock /post-punk /art punks PLATTENBAU “Hollywood : Love LLC” from the album “Shape / Shifting” on DeadStrange
  • Sydney, Australia power-pop /garage /punk outfit Tee-Vee Repairman “Patterns” title track from the new 7″ EP on Urge Records
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands garage /post-punk /fuzzy punk outfit Charlie & The Lesbians “Fade Away” first single from the upcoming album ‘Fade’ due out October 15th via Bottom Shelf Records                                                                                              
  • Toronto, Ontario punk /new wave /post-punk solo project Panic Bodies “Frippandeno” off debut cassette EP “Falling Age”
  • Ukrainian post-punk trio from Kharkiv, Кагат “Dom Rodnoy” from the EP “Дом родной”                                   
  • Santiago, Chile darkwave /electronic /post-punk solo project (aka Throudos and Lergrev), SIVL “Invisible” debut single
  • Noisey jangly post-punk solo project from rural New Hampshire, OLD MOON “Anhedonia” from the debut album “Altars” on à La Carte Records
  • Galicia, Spain darkwave/ post-punk /shoegaze /coldwave solo project URCO “En el paredon” first single from the upcoming new EP                                                                                                                                                 
  • New York-based, Spanish shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “I Want To Dance With Her”                                                                                                                                                         
  • San Diego, Ca based dream pop /shoegaze /post-punk one-man project of Ariel Iribe, ARMOIRE “Blind For Love” from the s/t debut album                                                                                                                                             
  • Seversk, Russia indie /post-punk solo project Uselessmuse “сны / dreams” (Single)
  • Russian new wave /post-punk solo project, Компас “Poslednee slovo” title track from the album “Poslednee slovo”
  • Rostov On Don, Russia dark folk singer, songwriter The Coast Ghost “The Time Is Out Of Joint”

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